Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In my Mailbox Today - $935

Click here for today's update: $935

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of in my mail box...Today I received a letter from I-Deal stating that their records indicated that I have received over $600 in giftcards and that they have not yet received the necessary tax forms - W-9. They said that if I do not send them in by the end of the month that my account would be "disqualified." I mailed everything including the W-9 and redemption certificate both times and made sure everything was correct. This scares me because it sounds like they are trying to say that I didn't follow terms and could have to pay back the money.... Have you or anyone else received this letter in the past or currently??? is this just something they do to make sure they have everything they need to turn in???? HELP!!!


Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


I haven't heard of that, but it just sounds like they didn't receive the first set of forms.

Did your Delivery Confirmation show they got there? I would email them with your del. conf. # showing their receive it, and also RESEND the forms with another del. conf. #.

Also provide the new number for them, too, so they know it is coming a 2nd time.

As soon as they get it, you should be fine.

Anonymous said...

I did use delivery confirmation to send the redemption certificate and W-9 form as you said to and I still have the receipts from that. They were in the same package and eventually showed as received by them. I received the gift cards about a month and a half later. They would not have sent the gift cards if they hadn't received the package with the W-9 and redemption certificate in there. So I know they got it all. I just found it weird that they are saying I never sent them. They only send out the gift cards once they receive the proper paperwork. The offers I did were like a month a part too and they are obviously talking about both of them because they said I exceeded the $600.00. I am going to fax the w-9 and the letter they sent me tomorrow when I go to work. I also emailed them and asked why they sent the letter and explained everything to them and gave them my information to look up my account.