Monday, November 30, 2009

$50 Gift Voucher for a Photo Canvas!!

Another great One Day Only sale for Cyper Monday! I need more time today!! Yikes!

I love Photo Canvases and especially when you can get them free or deeply discounted! Hopefully you have taken advantage of the previous free canvases I shared.

Well, today you can get a great discount and the Free canvas is still available, too! Here are the details:

  • Click here
  • Today only - buy one canvas and get a $50 Gift Voucher for Canvas on Demand.
  • Buy the cheapest canvas at $59 ( this qualifies ) and you will get the $50 voucher.
  • Use code CYBER30 to get 30% off ( bringing it down to approx $42 )
  • Shipping comes to approx. $14.95, so brings it back to around $57
  • Spend $57, get $50 voucher!
Have you not grabbed your FREE Photo Canvas yet from Canvas People?
  • Click here
  • Upload your photos and check out
  • Very easy!
  • Shipping does come to $14.95. But, this is a GREAT deal. Canvas prices run around $50 or more at most sites.

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Amber said...

hey =)

i wanted to have something clarified =) is it buy one get the next one $50 off or is it buy the first one get the $50 off of it?

Carrie @ said...

Hi Amber,

You don't get the $50 off the first one.

You get the $50 voucher which you can then use on another order or I supposed you could give the voucher to someone else as a gift.

It is going to be like getting them approx 50% off ( the percentage might be slightly off, but close ) when you buy 2