Friday, November 13, 2009

3 to 4% Interest on your Checking - Free Money!

If you checked out my In my Mailbox feature yesterday, you saw that $66 was deposited into my checking account. This was the interest I earned last month. Free money! Yay!

So, let's ask the question I have asked you time and time before? Do you have a checking account?

OK, next question. Have you switched to a High Interest Checking account yet?

Last question, why not?

I am hoping that most of you have said yes, you have already moved over. Kudos to you! But if you haven't, why not? Do you just not want to bother with the hassle?

Let me ask you, if it takes you less than a day to move it all over ( and that is about all it will take you to reset up all your auto pay accounts, etc ), and you could potentially get hundreds to thousands more a year, aren't those few hours you invest worth it?

OK....NO MORE questions! I am sorry, I am just really hoping you all seriously consider taking advantage of this wonderful incentive that banks and credit unions are offering.

To read more on how I manage and moved everything over for my High Interest Checking, click here or go to my High Interest button in the left menu bar at any time.

Because I do get emails quite often asking for advice on institutes available to them, I am going to try and frequently offer a feature ( until we get thru all 50 states, I guess. LOL ) where I will respond to a request for a bank for you and your state. I love emailing people back, but that doesn't benefit all the other readers in your area.

So, fill out the form here to provide me your state/zip and I will put together a list for you and others in your area. I will then try and post once a week ( on a first come, first serve basis ), the banks for that area of the U.S. I will try to get thru as many locations as I can research each week, so you can all get your accounts set up ASAP. And, hey, if you know of a great location near you, leave a comment below!

Now, to kick off this feature, I will list the institutes for the Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio area. You may or may not qualify with these banks, so follow up with them to get full details. In addition, some of these accounts may be available to every one around the U.S. if they are online accounts. If you find one that fits your needs, call them.

River Valley Credit Union - 4.5%
  • no minimum balance required
  • ATM Fee refunds
  • 1 Direct Deposit required a month
  • 12 Debit Card transactions a month
  • eStatements required
  • Click here for details

The Farmers Citizens Bank - 4.01%
  • Free ATMS at all banks
  • No minimum balance
  • 12 Debit Card transactions
  • eStatements required
  • 1 Direct Deposit a month
  • Click here for full details

FirstDay Federal Credit Union - 4%
  • No minimum balance required
  • 10 Debit Card transactions a month
  • eStatements required
  • 2 Direct Deposits required a month
  • Click here for full details

Citizens Bank of Ashville - 3.51%

Sutton Bank - 3.5%
  • No minimum balance required
  • 11 Debit Card transactions a month
  • eStatements required
  • Monthly direct deposit
  • Free ATM transactions at any bank
  • Click here for full details
Farmers & Merchants State Bank - 3.31%

Cinco Credit Union - 3.25 %
  • Free Online Checking
  • 3.25% back up to $25K, interest rate decreases over $25K
  • eStatements required
  • Unlimited Check writing
  • 12 Visa Debit Card transactions a month
  • Click here for full details

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