Sunday, November 22, 2009

$10 Kmart New or Transferred Prescription Coupon

Don't just pull your coupon inserts out of the paper this week for your Grocery savings! Make sure you flip to the Kmart ad, too.

There is a Free $10 Gift Card coupon with any New or Transferred Prescription coupon and it is good until December 19th.

Remember, Kmart coupons are Up To $10 coupons. This means, if your co-pay is only $5, then you will only get a $5 Kmart Gift Card. Still, that is a free prescription.

This is also a good coupon, because it is for NEW prescriptions, too. Many are only for transferred.

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Kelly said...

I found the "up to" a certain dollar amount not to be accurate, at least not at my Kmart. For instance, I got a prescription that cost me $8 with my insurance and still received a $10 gift card. When it says that the gift card cannot be more than the "retail price" of the Rx, I think they might mean the price that someone might pay without insurance? Just wanted to share that...

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Kelly...that is good to know. I was wondering if they all were steadfast on that rule.

I think it probably depends on the Kmart. I was originally alerted to this new wording in the coupon when one of my readers wrote me and said they could only get the gift card up to the value of their co-pay.

I bet it is a YMMV! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that my Kmart is more like yours. I would rather get the full $10!!!!