Monday, October 26, 2009

Open Enrollment Benefits & Freebies

For my family, October always brings open enrollment time for all of our Health and Insurance benefits. We must sit down together, go thru each aspect and decide what we need and don't need in regards to coverage.

Saving on Insurance

So many times, families just assume the best deal is to be had through your companies plan. But, as I learned last year, this is not always the case.

Although we have stuck with the health plan my husband's employer offers, we have decided to pull our Life Insurance benefits out of his companies program and instead go find a better deal on our own.

By doing this, we are paying less a year for our coverage AND, this is the kicker, have MORE coverage.

As I always say, often times the way to save money for your family is to look at all your "monthly/annual" expenses and see where you can find deals. And, just like last year, I plan to do my start of the year Method Madness Marathon where we will go thru all of our expenses each day to see where we can save.

But, I wanted to bring this important aspect today, since I know so many people are involved in their annual enrollment process right now.

Would you like to see if you can save money on your own Life Insurance?

Click here to do a quick analysis to see if you can save money on your Life Insurance, too. Please have your current policy information available, because once you request your quote, they will allow you to compare from many large carriers.

Please note: companies may call you to go over your quote on the phone. See what they have to offer, and if not cheaper, simply tell them that and that due to the extra money for their policy, you are not interested.

If the policy is cheaper, take that information and compare/contrast the policies to decide. You may be surprised how much you can save and keep in your bank account instead.

In fact, when we decided to switch, we used Libby from Genworth. She had been gracious enough to do a guest post for me. Click here to read Libby's insight as well as grab her information so you can contact her yourself to see if you can save!!!

Freebies during Open Enrollment

If you are like me, you get packets of information from your company when open enrollment begins. Do you read it all?

As I always mention, your snail mail and junk mail are often the key to many great freebies and incentives.

That is the case with my husband's enrollment period this year. During open enrollment, we have access to some freebies, which even include forms to complete a living will, power of attorney, etc without having to pay a lawyer.

Does your company offer any free incentives while enrolling? You just never know! Make sure you read thru all the mail they send you!

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Risha said...

Another great resource for shopping life insurance is You can get a quote from a number of different companies, and they have support staff to help out as well. We are currently using this site to find information about our options.