Monday, October 26, 2009 Toy Sale - 70% Off after Rebate

Christmas shopping time! Christmas shopping time! Alert! Alert!

Right now, Amazon is offering a $9.97 rebate on $25 or over purchases from their Toy Store OR a subscription to Parenting magazine, your choice. Click here for all details on the rebate. You can click on the link for Toy Store on the page for the rebate to shop around or.....

To use this great rebate, here is a fun find:

Playskool Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle with Dress Up

Retails: $199.99
Sale Price: $63.52
Savings: $136.47
Final Price after $9.97 Rebate: $53.55 or 73% Off
Free Shipping

Click here to order.

Note: as of 1PM on Monday, price is now up to $74 before the rebate. Your final price will be closer to $64 after rebate. Still a good price, but climbing. Great prices go quick, so make sure to get in on them fast!

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Amanda said...

Wow! I really like your helpful! I'm in desperate need of saving money so I will be checking you out!

P.S. I'm visiting from Blabbing About Blogs :)

Erin Martell said...

I just tried to order the castle with the rebate, but can only get to the magazine subscription, any ideas?

Carrie @ said...


When they send you the email within 8 days, the rebate choice will be there. Or, at least it always has been in the past.

They will then allow you to choose NOT to receive the magazine and instead get a check.

Follow the directions in the email when you get it to get the rebate instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I ordered my son the TRIO King's castle. It was $25 cheaper than anywhere else that I've seen. Also, I plan on getting the rebate which will make the deal even better. Thanks so much for the head's up!

Bobbi said...

Has anyone received their magazine offer email? I was just curious if in fact it does allow you to opt out of the subscription and get a refund instead. I see the fine print for this offer doesn't state that fact like it has in the past. So, I am leary of doing this deal. TIA!