Thursday, October 29, 2009

Market Research Studies & Partnership-Plus - Earn Money Monthly Clothes Shopping

Time for the weekly feature on Market Research. I will strive to bring you new programs to join each week, as well as list any studies these companies are screening for at the current time.

Want to learn how to make money on Market Research and sign up for all current programs I have introduced? Click here or go to my Focus Groups button in my left menu bar. All the recommended companies I suggest you register with will be listed in the side bar, or if you click the All Posts button you will find some more I have discussed.

This week, I am introducing Partnership-Plus.

This is a very different type of Market Research company. First of all, you need to register and be accepted into their program. Because they try to keep a balanced program for their clients, they have specific areas at any given time that they need new members.

If you don't get accepted now, come back in a month or so and try again. You never know when openings in your area will become available.

This program is unique due to the fact that once you are accepted, you will begin earning points ( can be redeemed for money ) each and every month. They are looking for members who clothes shop to answer surveys about the clothes they purchased that month. You will earn points for each survey you take. Plus, there are other ways to earn points. If you answer your survey before the 5th of each month, you get bonus points. Answer all your surveys, you get bonus points.

In fact, others have reported earning $100 in just two months, answering their surveys on their clothing purchases.

They do this to help manufacturers understand buying habits, and put merchandise in stores that you like.

Would you like to be included in this Market Research company? Click here to register.

Now, on to this week's studies. Sit back and spend a bit of time taking these screeners to see if you qualify:

  • Click here to sign up with Focus Forward.
  • Once you are a member, click here to take all your screeners
And, they are:

  • $100 Nationwide Telephone Interviews for Men & Women Ages 45-75 Oct 30-Nov 5
  • $75 Nationwide Study for women 35-54 Nov 9-14
  • $75 Nationwide 2 day bulletin board Nov 4th & 5th
  • $135 Bala Cynwyd, PA Focus Group for WOMEN Nov 5
  • $125 Philadelphia in person interview Nov 10th or 11th
  • $100 Houston Focus Group Nov 4, 5 or 6th
  • $45 Minneapolis, MD Focus Group for Men & Women Nov 2 and Nov 3

20/20 Research

And, they are:
  • $500 Nationwide Health Issues Study Nov-Dec
  • $100 Nationwide Online study for Women about Haircare Nov 9-11
  • $75 Nationwide Online study for women about Beauty Care Nov 3-5
  • $75 Nationwide Product Study Nov 10-12 or Nov 11-13
  • $75 Nationwide Cold Medicine Study for Women Nov 17-19
  • $200 Charlotte Tobacco Study for Males 21-49 First Week in Nov
  • $100 Nashville College Student Study Nov 4-5 or 10-11

Available Studies are:

  • Paid Dallas Study for Women on Alcoholic Beverages

Wolf Group

  • Click here to sign up with Wolf Group
  • Once you are a member, check your account or give them a call to see if you qualify.
Available studies are:
  • $60 Parent/Child Taste Test Study Nov 3-4

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