Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Photo Book from Cozi

Many times, over and over, I mention how important it is to have a calendar and keep track of dates, schedules etc. This is an important factor of making money and saving money for your family. Especially if you work on Online Offers, you will need to maintain strict organization.

Due to that, I signed up with Cozi a few months go to check it out. Click here to try it for yourself.
Cozi is a free online calendar with many family oriented features. From a calendar you can customize for each member of your family to the capability to access it from anywhere you can get on the web ( yes, your smartphones ).

On top of that, they have other fun features you may enjoy. My favorite? They link up your pictures stored on your computer to run a continuous screen saver with an assortment of your pictures. I love seeing all my family photos display on my laptop screensaver with a reminder of anything on my calendar for the day.

Well, in keeping of their love of families and family photos, too, they are now offering a code for a free 8X8 Hardcover Photo Book ( $29.99 value ) to all their current users. Simply log into your Cozi account, and if you go to the Home page, there is a link to your unique code. Yay!
Now, if you are a brand new member, they are still giving you a fun gift, too. If you sign up , they are giving you a code for $10 off towards your free photo book. In the past, they have done other fun events, too ( they had a daily giveaway last month for members ) so you never know what it up and coming.

Want to get the best deal on your photobook? Well, if you have never used Shutterfly yet, make sure to register now to get your free prints first. Click here for Ebates or here for Shop at Home and then sign up with Shutterfly thru their sites. Both of these sites are offering 10% back and a $5 sign on bonus, if a new member.
Once your account is set up don't forget to enter the code from Cozi and save it. It will automatically load into your account and be ready when you complete your photo book.

Finally, when checking out with your photo book, try loading 50 prints and using code PRINTS. Supposedly, you get 50 free prints with any order thru October 22nd, so it may work with the free photo book...not sure. I have not loaded my photo book to try it yet, so if you want to test it quickly, load one picture, order it 50 times and try to go thru the check out process ( don't complete your transaction, though ) to see if it works before you take the time to load 50 new photos. It is worth a try.

Finally, don't forget about all the great photo deals out there. In fact, if you haven't taken advantage of the 100 free photos from See Here yet, it is a great offer. You can click here to access.

And, don't forget about the free Photo Book from Memory Escape right now, too. It will be ending soon, so you want to make sure to get in on that one, too. If you don't want the free photo book, they give you $10 to use free on their site instead! You can't go wrong.

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Jennifer said...

Can you be more specific about where I can find the code? I have been a member at Cozi for a while but couldn't find it on the home screen??

Carrie @ said...


First, log into your account.

Then, click on Home

Right under where it says.....your family name ( mine says Ryan and Carrie's Family with a picture ) there is a reddish box with a link to click for your code.

Did you find it?

Carrie @ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alyssa said...

Thanks :)

Kristi said...

Thank you! Our family uses Cozi daily and I had not been to the home page and noticed it! One more Christmas present FREE!!!! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is free, right??? I signed up for it, so it better be:)

Carrie @ said...

Which part? Cozi or the photo book?

Cozi is free.

But, if you are new to Cozi, the book wont' be will only get a $10 off code instead.

The free book was for existing members.

Hope that is what you needed.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Thanks:) I was wondering if Cozi was free. I'm glad it is. I sort of thought that you didn't get the photo book free if you hadn't already been signed up. But still a good deal on the 5x7 photo book. $2.99 + shipping. Thanks again:)