Monday, October 19, 2009

Bonus Points w/ Stouffers!

Loyalty Programs and Newsletters...newsletters and loyalty programs! Do you get sick of me talking about them? I hope not, because there are always a lot of freebies and free money to be had!

You may recall I discussed the Stouffers Dinner Club program quite awhile ago. Back then, you earned points by pulling the codes from inside Stouffers boxes and earned 20 points per code. You could then redeem those codes to BID on prizes. Nice, but not my favorite reward program.

Well, they have recently revamped the program and now your points can actually be redeemed for gifts of your choice. They have gifts from coupons for their products to free movie tickets ( I will take those, please ). In fact, my hope is that they will be improving these gifts even more and adding a larger selection at some point! If you haven't logged in lately, go take a look.

In addition, I enjoy the fact that they have ways to earn bonus points. I don't buy Stouffer's all that often, so my account was growing slowly ( but don't doubt I didn't still enter every code I all adds up eventually )

Now, you can take brief surveys, polls, etc to earn extra points. Right now in my account, I earned 2 points for a poll, 8 points for the October Survey and 100 bonus points for the dinner survey! Make sure to check back to your account regularly to ensure you are grabbing all your monthly points!

All my surveys were found under the Extra Points tab once logged in.

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