Sunday, September 27, 2009

You don't Tweet? Not on Facebook? My updates are still available!

As many of you know, I release frequent updates during the day on Facebook and Twitter. For those that follow me or are a fan on my Facebook page, you see many different little tidbits of information that never make it to my blog.

What are some examples of items I shared this week on both:

  • Check your Survey email, because Lightspeed Research sent me a 1 minute survey worth 50 points ( 3 questions and very quick! )
  • I announced daily when the Swagcode was released on your toolbar from swagbucks, a hint on how to get it IF it hasn't been showing up in your toolbar or showing up late, AND I let everyone know when there were any other swagcodes released elsewhere!
  • Shared that my $6 jeans from Fashion Bug arrived in 1 DAY! Can you believe it?
  • Announced a new $100 Study for Focus Forward and 20/20 Research that just arrived...after my weekly Market Research post each week
I highly recommend following me on one or the other or both.

For Facebook, you can become a fan here.
For Twitter, you can follow me here. what about all of you who do NOT want a twitter or Facebook account? Why should you miss out on updates and finding out when the latest swagcodes have been released, etc, just because I don't post it all to my blog?

No worries! I have the Facebook Fan Page feed on my site so you can come read all my latest updates. If you scroll down my site right now and look in the left side bar, you will see my Facebook page and all the updates I share. These are the same updates that go out to Twitter. You can scroll thru them each day to find updates.

So, for example, even though I didn't update my blog yesterday, I did update Facebook and Twitter multiple times as I found small money makers ( the swagcode release, the quick survey, etc ).

Simply visit my site each day, and scroll down to see what else I have been sharing around the web!

Hope this helps out those of my readers who aren't using these social media sites yet. I didn't want you to miss out!!!! :)

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