Friday, September 25, 2009

99 Cent Sale - The Children's Place

Heads up everyone!

Another great sale shopping find online! I feel like I am posting great sales every day anymore, but heck...if the stores want to practically give their stuff away, I figure we will take it! :)

By the way, my $6 jeans and shorts that I ordered and posted about yesterday arrived TODAY! Only one day! Isn't that hard to believe. I must give Fashion Bug an A plus on their prompt service!

Any way, thanks to Monica and Ambra because they both posted on my Facebook wall that there is a 99 cent sales going on at Children's Place.

Here are the details:

  • Click here to shop thru Big Crumbs. They are offering 4.5% back to Crumb Savers.
  • Click here to go to Upromise and shop thru their site ( they are offering 4% back and are the 2nd highest I found )
  • Click on the department you want to shop ( Big Girls, Infants, etc )
  • Once there, go to the sale tab at the very bottom left hand side
  • Then, sort my lowest to highest to find the cheapest clothes being sold ( the 99 cent deals )
  • Shipping is a flat $5 now matter how much to buy! BUT, it has been reported that if you call your local store, they will give you a Free Shipping code over the phone! Try it out!
  • You can also try this coupon code, NEXTJ78, as some were able to get 10% off with it. No guarantee, but worth a try to see if it is still valid.

Fun, fun!

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Rose said... is offering 4.5% rebate at I love BigCrumbs because they pay via Paypal automatically AND they offer rebates on eBay purchases!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Rose. I updated the post.

They are only paying me 2.5% for the Children's Place, since I am a Crumb Earner, which is why I missed it.

Did you know Ebates pays on eBay, too? Wasn't sure if you knew that.

Anonymous said...

Kirsten said...

I bought 28 things for my baby boy on the way for only $29! Thanks for posting the sale! :-)