Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeans for $6 & More Great Clearanced Items - Fashion Bug

75% off or more! That is the rule I try to stick to so that I can save my family each year while I shop for items we need!

Click here to read all my Sale Shopping techniques and how I keep myself from overspending!

What deals do we have today? Women's Clothing!

Do you need gifts for some members of your family? Are you needing to replace some of your own clothes? With their clearance section up to 80% off, it is a fun time to stockpile gifts and necessities for yourself.

What did I get? I got two pair of jeans, a pair of bermuda shorts ( thinking ahead to next summer already/gifts that my husband can wrap for the kids to give me for my spring birthday ) and a pair of capri pants! AND..I spent $6 for each! 75% off on all my items!

And, what I really like about their site? For each style of jeans, they have a chart that tells you what size will fit you based on your waist and hip measurements. This made it very easy for me to match up what I needed.

Want in on these great deals? Here are the details:

  • Click here to go to Fashion Bug
  • Or, click here to go to Shop at Home and get 5% back ( and a $5 sign on bonus if you are a new member )
  • Click on the Sale tab
  • Pick your category. There is apparel ( that is where I found the jeans ), shoes, tops, swimming suits, etc.
  • Once you are in a department you like, sort lowest to highest, to find the cheapest items (and usually the largest discounts )
  • You will need to spend some time shopping. Many items are no longer available. I had to go thru many items before I found my size and items that they still had in stock.
  • IF ( and this is what I did ), you order $25 or more, you get $10 off!!!!! Enter code 776292104. This will cover more than the cost of shipping!!!
  • Shipping came to $6.95 for me.
  • Final price to me, with shipping! $24.91 or $6.23 an item.
Hope you are able to find a few great deals for yourself!
  • 776292104


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busy mom said...

Nice find :)

I was wondering , to help you stay on a track with spending do you have a set amount to spend for the yr.?

Carrie @ said...

Good question.

I do, in a round about sort of way.

If you go to my Sale Shopping link in the post it should take you to a post where I talk about my spreadsheet ( I think I have a link in there for it, too )

At the beginning of the year, I write down EVERY ONE I can think of that I will need gifts for during the year. Kid, Husband, Grandparents, Myself ( yes, the kids like to get me stuff and so does my hubby, so I even calculate that in) kids birthday parties, etc, etc.

I put the budget in there of what I want the value of the gift to be ( which is what I will spend if I don't find anything on sale/clearance ). For example, kids parties I try to go for approx a $20 to $25 gift.

So, I have that total and I know what that is.

Then, my personal goal is go TRY and stay at 75% off or more!

So, if that is my goal, I can do the math on my spreadsheet to see approx. where I will end up for the year.

Why it isn't exact, is I sometimes have to buy at 50% off ( if we are upon a party and I don't have something stockpiled ) OR buy something at full price..egads!

Othertimes I find stuff lower than than 75% or get stuff with $10 off $10 coupons for free or almost free. That helps to make up for the other gifts I bought more expensive.

The other reason it is not exact for the whole year, is I keep a rolling total.

So, for example, if we have 3 kids birthday parties in March..those gifts are gone.

I immediately put those kids BACK on the list for the next year, and if I find something throughout the rest of the calendar year, I will buy it. So, potentially, I could buy TWO gifts for that child in one calendar year.

If I got their first gift in January on clearanced, gave it to them in March and then hit another great sale in August..I would buy their next year gift.

Hope this give a little insight into how I keep my gift stockpile.

Oh, and I do have an estimate of what I need to spend on new clothes for the family each year. So, for the kids, I have it listed as a gift, for their school clothes, etc, etc. And a budget for my husband and myself, too.

Surprisingly, I wear holes in my jeans every year from crawling around on the floor with the kids! :)

Rachel said...

Just want to say that you are a lot farther along than I am if you can get gifts for yourself that are "from" your husband and kids. I hope to be there someday. I sometimes find myself disappointed on birthdays because of the lack of effort by my family members to make the day special for me. This is something I'm working on. Trying to be the person who will do things for others and not expect the same in return. trying to get over the selfishness.

Carrie @ said...

You can't feel bad about wanting nice gifts and being appreciated a few days out of the year!!! :) We all deserve it.

My husband and I had decided when we started having kids that we won't even get each other anything, because we just feel so blessed as it is. Instead, we get a sitter and go out to a nice dinner and get dressed up. It is fun.

BUT, now that the kids are getting older, they get upset if we don't have something for Mommy or Daddy on our birthdays, Christmas, etc.

So, whenever I find clothes, shoes or something I would like for myself and it is usually off season anyway ( for example the shorts )it is perfect for the kids to give them to me on my spring b-day.

It is so hilarious to watch how excited they are to give it to us. They are hopping up and down. Too funny! They don't know mommy only spent a couple bucks! :)

I must say, though, every so many years my husband shocks me and buys me something. Two Christmas's ago he bought me diamond earrings ( I have never had a pair nor wold spend the money ) and I started crying on our Christmas video. It was so special, because I was expecting nothing, as normal, and then for it to be something so special broke my heart.

The same thing happened about 6 years ago on Valentine's Day when he bought me an "expensive" watch. I still wear it today.

It is so special since it happens years in between and is unexpected. :)