Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sale Shopping your way to Financial Success

Sale shopping is such an important part of managing your finances, and I know I don't talk about it a lot. But, if you watch my Week In Review, you will see each every week I am adding to my stockpile of gifts. And, every week, I am adding to my families finances by spending 75% or less of what our budget for each person's gifts are.

Just like I stockpile groceries, I do the same with gifts I need for all sorts of events in our lives. And, if a long time reader of my site, you know that I have a method in place to ensure I don't overspend. This is important so we actually maximize our benefit of sale shopping.

Click here to read the "method" to my madness and learn how to beneficially sale shop, too. I even have a copy of my spreadsheet to share.

Well, one of the many gifts on the list I put together at the beginning of the year is teacher's/coaches gifts. Currently, between my son's 1st grade teacher, my daughter's 5 preschool teachers ( yes, she does have 5 ), 2 Sunday school teachers per child, 1 Mommy and Me class teacher, Dance Class teacher and Coaches for their sports thruout the year, you can tell I need a boatload of gifts at the end of a school year!!

So, whenever I can find gifts at 75% or more ( my shopping threshold..goal ), I am thrilled.

Well, today was one of those days. The school teacher tote bags above are on sale for 75% off at the Scholastic Store!! Regularly over $19, I got each one for $4.97! I was so excited. I bought 5 of this design and 1 of another design they also have on sale that says World's Greatest Teacher.

Now, I have my daughter's preschool teachers and my son's 1st grade teacher done for the end of the year!! And, I can mark 6 more people off my shopping list. Yay!

The other benefit, if you spend more than $25 right now, you get free shipping with code SSPR09. Even if you don't get to the $25 level, shipping only came to $3.95 for me, so very reasonable.

Would you like to order these cute bags for those teachers you love, too?

You have a couple options. To order directly form the Scholastic Store, click here. Simply enter Tote in the search box and the 2 choices will pop up.

Or, if you would like to earn an extra percentage back on your bags, Mr. Rebatesis offering the highest rebate at 6%. Plus, if you are new to Mr. Rebates, they will give you a $5 sign on bonus. That covers the price of the bag.

Already a member of Mr. Rebates and want to take part in that $5 bonus, you can try Ebates at 5% with a $5 new member Bonus or Cashbaq, also at 5% with a new $5 Bonus.

Can't wait to share these bags with my kids teachers. Super cute!


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1 comment:

Frugal Felicia said...

Great post! I also like to buy up gifts. I mainly do Christmas, but have already started with the Brylene Home deals a few weeks ago.

Another great way to save is sign up for the Kohls $5 coupon if they still offer it. You can find many toys marked down to like $6-$7 so you only pay $1-$2 for $20 toys.