Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Croc Tote & $10 More Free to Brylane Home!

Well, my sewing machine and salad bowls arrived! It is a small little portable thing and just as suspected, will be perfect for all my small mending around the house! Boy scout patches, here I come! You can go here to read how I got them for free!

The salad bowls were adorable, too!

NOW..for all of us who took part in this deal, are you ready for the 2nd part? Yep, that is right, we get more free items!

As you know, if you signed up for the 30 Day Free Trial at the end of your order, you get $10 a MONTH free to Brylane Home. Well, it is now officially September, which means we get $10 more free via rebate under our original 30 day Trial! Yay! Although I can't guarantee you will get the 2nd rebate if you cancel at the end of your free trial period, I can only go on past experiences and I have always gotten my 2nd month rebate previously.

On top of that, Brylane Home is now offering a free Croc Tote and matching wallet with any purchase. I am not expecting any great bag for free ( have a feeling it will be a vinyl type material ), but it looks cute and I am thinking thing may be a bag for me to use in place of my good purse when I am going to all the kids sporting events and don't want mine sitting in mud, etc. :) Should be easy to wipe down.

Free Croc Tote & Matching Wallet and $10 More Free!

Here are step by step instructions:
  • Click here to sign up or log in w/ Shop at Home ( get $5 Bonus if new member )
  • If you used Shop at Home for the Sewing Machine deal, try using Ebates this time and getting another $5 sign on bonus if you are a new member. Or, vice versa if you used Ebates last time, use Shop at Home this time! They are both wonderful sites!
  • Go to Brylane Home from the Shop at Home or Ebates site
  • Click on the Clearance tab on Brylane Home. I usually go to the $9.99 or less to find my item. Or, you can shop anywhere on the site. This time, I am buying towels that are on sale for under $10!
  • Upload your item to your cart.
  • Go to checkout.
  • Enter code BHWTOTE
  • The tote will load after you enter the code and the price of it will be deducted
  • Finish Check out.
  • Next, take the order confirmation and forward it to the same address you used for August's rebate thru Reservation Rewards or Shopping Discounts ( whichever free trial you are a member of right now )
  • Receive a check for $10 back on the order. I personally ordered a towel for $5.59 plus shipping of $4.99 and my total came to $10.58. After rebate, I will have paid $.58 for a hand towel ( I need ) and a Tote.
Did you skip the Sewing Machine promotion and only want in on this one? Here are some instructions for you after you place your order!
  • Sign up for free trial that pops up for Reservation Rewards ( or whatever company comes up for you. If you sign up and it says you have already signed up for the trial and don't qualify, go to your order confirmation and click on the link below your total. A new offer will show up there ) and get $10 credit. Remember to mark your calendar for a few days before 30 days so you know how much time you have to decide whether you like the service or not.
  • Go back to Shop at Home or Ebates and log back into Brylane Home
  • Order something for $10 or less and enter the certificate # from Reservation Rewards
  • Get that item free
  • Log back into Reservation Rewards and look for your Monthly $10 Bonus ( this is different than your $10 Gift Certificate you just used ).
  • Email a copy of your FIRST order ( mine is the $10.98) to
  • $10 Check or less will be mailed to you at the address you registered.

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Anonymous said...

Carrie I did the aug deal and am waiting for my check to arrive from shopper's discount so that I can cancel it.My trial period end Sep 23rd. So my question if I order for the month of sep will that cheque arrive before I need to cancel?

Carrie @ said...


Obviously, I can't guarantee anything. If someone sends a rebate request in the day before they their trial is up and if they decide not to stay a member, then the odds are probably against them getting the rebate ( but who knows..they still might )

But, in the past when I have done these deals across months, my 2nd rebate has always come.

So, I can only go based on past experience.

I think it could come down to how quickly you get the rebate request into them.

busy mom said...

I was going to leave this on facebook this mg , but oh well. I applied and got the brylan home cc. with it comes several disounts through the yr. + on the phone when I opened the acct. I got $10 visa gc and a $20 visa gc for have theft ins and acidently ins. I should get the papers soon and fill out, mail in and get my gc.

the other is that Sears is having a sale ( clearance) I found several this and it is cheaper to have in-store pick ( which is good it is beside the campus for me) -

happy shopping

angelina said...


Mellisa said...

I just got my 2 sewing machines and bowl sets on Tuesday! I signed up for this new offer this morning and just sent my confirmation reciept to get my 10.00 rebate for Sept.:)! This will all make REALLY nice christmas presents and noone will know that I paid next to nothing! Thanks Carrie! How long does it usually take to get the rebate checks in the mail? The first one I sent off for they emailed me back saying it was approved., This is the first time I have rebates. Mellisa

Carrie @ said...


Usually, it seems my rebate checks from these companies come within 3 to 5 weeks ( which is much faster than other rebate companies ).

But, they don't specifically have terms on their site, that I could find.

So, I always mark my calendar for 8 weeks out to check and make sure my rebate check has come and if not I would follow up.

Why 8 weeks? Just because most other companies always state to allow 6 to 8 weeks to receive your rebate, so I just go by the standard terms for most rebates.

Andrea said...

Labor Day weekend you get 6% BACK from Shop at Home at Brylane Home.

Cassie and Jase said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I was about to cancel my trial with them, because I figured I didn't need it anymore - I totally forgot that you get that $10 rebate bonus once a month! I really wasn't too thrilled by the Free Tote, so instead I used the code "bhnshopnow" and got an additional 25% off any item, which brought the silicone baking set down to $4.99, so after shipping and rebate, I will only be spending 98 cents. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Eeewwwww, that tote bag and matching purse is so ugly, lol. I'd rather wanna get a sewing machine...i need one....Do you think i can still get a sewing machine instead? Could i buy one off of ya? Are they any good? Have you used them?

Carrie @ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle M said...

Brylane Home cancelled my order because they told me there was misuse of the coupon. I followed your directions and placed 2 orders. Do you think it was because I ordered the sewing machine on both orders? I'm stumped and they said the woman investigating all of these coupon issues won't be back until Tuesday.

Stacy said...


I messed up and didn't forward my order confirmation until September 1st even though I had placed the order about 4-5 days before that. Is the monthly rebate that I get back going to be for August or September on that one??


Stacy said...

Michelle, I wonder if that is what happened with my order as well? There is no record of them online. I've never had that happen before. Has anyone else had this problem?


Tina said...

My order was also cancelled and I only placed one order and did not put the sewing machine in my cart. Brylane said I was using someone elses gift certificate code. I've called Reservation Rewards and they are supposed to be sending me a new code....we'll see how that works.

Carrie @ said...


Their terms state you have 30 days after your purchase to turn in for the monthly rebate.

So, it should process as your August rebate.

Carrie @ said...

I think what the others have been hearing is that the codes from Reservation Rewards aren't valid.

Will probably just need to wait and see what they say when they come back in the office.

Carrie @ said...

The sewing machines may still be working. Just go to your cart, put an item in and then enter the code for the sewing machine. See it it pulls in.

They only retail for $29.99, so it is obviously not a top of the line sewing machine that you will want to use for everyday sending.

I would use it more as a portable machine for light mending when you don't want to pull the large one out. I plan to use mine for that.

Cassie and Jase said...

I received both of my orders, none ever got cancelled, and I already received my confirmation on my 2nd rebate for September! I agree with you on the sewing machine - although I didn't use mine yet, I unpacked it and it appears as if they do a "test strip" before sending it out to ensure that it sews properly, which they leave attached to the sewing machine. By the looks of it, it's a durable, even stitch, but I cant imagine operating this little machine for too long on any large project - it's kind of clumsy how you have to press the button on the machine itself to make it sew, leaving you one handed to control the fabric. It definitely will come in handy for quick fixes, though!

Andrea said...

All my orders looked like they were canceled too. I have to call customer service on Tuesday but my orginally orders were 8/25 and there is no order history. I am sad they were canceled. I looked at the fine print and it says 1 per customer. If they did cancel it I am going to ask for them to honor my first order. I guess we will see.