Wednesday, September 9, 2009

$25 Gift Certificate for $1 -

This is 90% off their normal price! Woo, hoo! I am thrilled they are offering this sale for 99 hours!

So, right now, you can go to and order a $25 Gift Certificate to a restaurant in your area and only spend $1 for it!

NOW, before you start jumping all around, hoopin' and hollerin', let me explain the program first.

It is a GOOD deal, but it is not specifically a gift certificate, as they like to say. It is more like a coupon. Why do I say that?

If you buy a $25 gift certificate, please read the terms first. For example, a restaurant by me has the terms that I must make a purchase of $40 to use the $25 gift certificate. See what I mean about being more like coupon?

Right now, in my area of Cincinnati, there is a great deal at Champps! We love that restaurant, but is usually too pricey for us with a family of five.

It is valid Mon-Thurs only, but I think this may be a great alternative to one of those busy nights when we have football practice then cheerleading practice right after. It is hard to find time to get dinner served when we have to head right out the door once the bus gets home ( yes, our buses don't arrive home until 4:30 and often times activities start at 5! )

With a minimum food purchase of $35, you can take the $25 Gift Certificate off. Since I am only paying $1 for the certificate, we are now paying $11 dollars for us all to eat at a nice sit down restaurant. They do add 18% tip to the pre-discounted amount, so that comes to about $6.30. So, our final should be around $17.30. Seriously, when we were on a road trip, we spend over $20 at fast food for all 5 of us...ugh!

Want to buy your gift certificates for $1, too!

Right now, Mr. Rebates is offering the highest return at 25% back. So, you will get a quarter back for each one you buy ( meaning the price is more like 75 cents each ).

And, if you are new to Mr. Rebates, you get a $5 sign on bonus! This makes them either free or a money maker, depending on how many you buy.

Click here to register or sign in with Mr. Rebates and then go to to make your purchase.


Click here to order yours directly from!

Use code NINETY when checking out!

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busy mom said...

There are not to many listed for our area, but there is a sagebrush listed and it is like the one you listed. must spend at least $35 and then the 18% pre-discount ( how does that work)?

Oh yeah, how many of these can we get , do you know?

we have a 17 yr. which eats more than the 3 of us, so the $35 will not be hard to hit for the total or more. Most of the time is runs around $45-$50 for the 4 of us to eat out.

Maria @ Mama Says Mine said...

I would be VERY careful about I ordered two gift certificates/coupons last time there was a deal like this and the restaurant I had selected (one of only two in my area) stopped accepting the certificates before I could use it. The certificate/coupon is good for 12 months, but it seems that restaurants have a lot of trouble with the site.

I know it works fine for lots of people, but make sure you check that the restaurant is accepting the coupon/certificate before you get in the car and drive there.

Carrie @ said...


Very good point! You may want to call the restaurant before ordering even.

Did you contact afterward? You definitely need to let them know.

In addition, that is the time to send a letter to the owner or head of the company and let them know the problem.

The restaurant needs to work with to get their ad pulled for their site if they are not going to participate.

Busy Mom,

I am not sure if there is a limit. I know each restaurant might have a specific limits, such as redeem only one a will need to check each establishment.

busy mom said...

Ok, I called them and Yes, they take them --woohoo. I got 2 of the $25 off with a purchase of $35 and it is 15% instead of 18%.

I got one for thurs. I know we can easly get the $35 with my son with us and then the 2nd one for next week for the 3 of us, our teen is trainging in SC with the seacadets that weekend.

I do have a question- It has been about hr.
how long does it take to get the confirmation code/ email from them?


oh yeah, I don't know if this helps anyone but I use mr. rebates then and I pd. with my bank of america card b/c I will get a few extra cent back.

I will check and see what the final cost is and let you know. I save on the check out that I saved $18 from , I just need to add the other 2 in.

Kirsten said...

Hey Carrie- I have a cool tip for anyone who is in the middle of signing up for offers on an online offer! If you sign up with Savings Ace, they automatically enroll you with Cross Country Savings. It's $2.00 for the trial week, and you get an additional 40% off So I'm going to try the coupon code you gave and see how cheap I can get these for! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!