Friday, September 4, 2009

Didn't get Yours? Here is your fix: Hurry! Free $10 Mall Gift Certificate Voucher! Going fast!

I heard from many of you that you didn't get your $10 Voucher for the mall.

Here is what you do:

Email and let them know the date you signed up and you were approved for your voucher. Then, tell them it never arrived in your email and any help they can provide would be helpful.

Apparently, many have had this problem, so they are then manually pushing through the vouchers to your email box.

Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for sharing this work around!

Would you like $10 free to a mall? Of course.

So, did I! So, I decided to see if any malls near me were participating. And, alas, the Kenwood Towne Center was listed. Yay!

Here is how you can potentially get yours, too.

  • Click here to see if a mall you near is listed
  • Locate the "What Not To Wear" $10 promotion on your mall's home page. For Kenwood, go here. They only have 16 left.
  • PLEASE do not confuse this with the other promotion they are running, which is a $10 gift card if you spend $75! This is a different promotion. You are welcome to take part in that one, too, if you want. So, potential for $20 in free gift cards.
  • Once there, click on the tab for the free $10 and fill out the information.
  • Hurry, each mall only has a select amount to give out. And, you can only redeem the voucher the email to you from Sept 17-19th.
Thanks to Nicole from Mom Saves Money for sharing this find! I can't wait to go shop!Hur

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EricaThomas said...

You have to spend $75 to get the $10 gift certificate.

Carrie @ said...


That is a seperate promotion.

They have 2 going on.

There is the FREE $10 gift card ( just for registering ) and there is the free $10 Gift Card if you spend $75!

Potentially, you can get $20 in gift cards then.

Nicole said...

This is such a great deal! I can't wait to spend my $10 GC. Thanks for the link back.

Katherine D. said...

Thanks! I know in the past they've done e-mail promotions where they just send you the voucher right away to bring in, but this works too!

ProjectHope7 said...

has anyone received a confirmation email from them yet? I saw on the site that if they had cards left, and they tell you immediately whether they do or not, that you would receive a confirmation email with a link to print out to take to store. I havent received that yet. has anyone?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AJ said...

FYI - Spring Hill Mall, IL is all out of the GC's :(

Michaela said...

I also would like to know if anyone receive a confirmation email yet? I signed up for mine and was told I would receive one, but have not seen anything in my inbox. If anyone receive the confirmation email, please let me know who it was sent from, so I can check my spam and trash folders. Thanks!

April said...

The correct email address to send any questions or to notify the team that your voucher was not received is Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks April! I just updated the post.

Anonymous said...

just let you know that if you sign up with yahoo email address it might had problem, but with gmail or hotmail, the voucher come almost instantly.