Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Facebook Discussion Boards

You may have noticed that I have a forums button across the top of my blog. And, if you click on the button, it has always said....coming soon!

Well, soon is just not soon enough! I STILL have not gotten around to it!

But, I do think the option to discuss with others is helpful for us all. To learn from each others experience, share when we find a GREAT deal and encourage each other is beneficial to us all.

So, in place of the forums I originally wanted to set up, I have added Discussion Boards to my new Facebook Page.

If you are currently a member of my Facebook Group, please consider joining my Facebook Page as well, because I am then able add updates on things I find that don't always make it to my blog right away. And, you will see them in your feed in Facebook. In addition, you can post on the page, too! So, feel free to share, type me a message or leave comments.

Meanwhile, the discussion boards tab on that page allows you the opportunity to discuss with others on topics I share on my blog. Or, you can add your own Discussion topic, too!

Here is what I have currently listed:

I look forward to discussing any and all of these topics with you!

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