Friday, July 3, 2009

Survey Site - Mindfield Online

Since I was on vacation last week, I didn't get my weekly Survey Stats out for everyone. I didn't even take any surveys last week, obviously! :-)

Anyway, I wanted to introduce a new survey company to you this week, that I have not had listed on my surveys page previously. I have heard good things about this survey company and look forward to survey invites from them.

The company is called Mindfield Online. If you would like to register with this company, click here.

Remember, if you are new to surveys, please go to my Surveys web page ( you can find the button in the left menu bar ) to read quick tips/tricks on taking surveys and making money!

My survey stats are provided to help others learn what to expect from taking surveys based on my example. I recommend signing up with as many "legit" survey companies as you can so you receive more invites and thus earn more revenue.

Now, for this week's survey stats ( I also included a few surveys I took before I left for vacation, too )

And, just like my other web pages, I am slowly implementing a Bragger Post. Please remember to leave comments letting us all know if you are having success and with which companies, etc.

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Beth said...

Let me know if anyone ever qualifies for a survey @ Mindfield. I do every single screener they send me and I never qualify. I've been a member with them for about a year. Very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

LOL@ the previous post! I clicked on the comment to see what OTHER people's experiences were with Mindfield.

I see the MindField invite in my email and groan.

How can I qualify for so many surveys with other companies and NEVER seem to qualify with MineField?

I can complete a full survey with another company in the time it takes fo MindField to tell me I didn't qualify.

I also don't like having to answer the questions in all the little drop down boxes. I would rather click on things or type in things. I don't like the drop down box format.


Carrie @ said...

I'll definitely start tracking. I just signed up, so if they send me invites, you should start seeing them on my weekly Survey Stats on whether they are a prescreener or a survey.

I am curious now to see what happens! Thanks for the heads up, gals!

Anonymous said...

They don't do so well in the survey police rankings.

I have actually earned $5 with them this year.

February 2, 2009 $1.00
May 1, 2009 $2.00
June 9, 2009 $2.00


*~Dani~* said...

I agree with all of the other commenters. I have been a member for years and I last qualified for a contest in 2008. It is beyond ridiculous and I finally just requested payment and plan to stop my account after I receive it.