Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Leslie Sansone Membership - Free Full Length Excercise Videos

I must admit that birthing three kids does something to ones body. Or, at least to mine!

Gone are the days of eating whatever I want, whenever I want and still looking OK. It is disheartening, but I also know that I have the power to take care of myself, exercise, eat healthy and do it all within a budget. Can't beat that!

So, here are a few fun ways to get all of us motivated ( I must admit, I am setting a goal for lose some of this baby fat/mommy fat. I am going to start with 15 pounds! )

Right now, Leslie Sansome is offering 1 free month to her online Walk at Home club. If you haven't ever done one of Leslie's DVD exercises routines before, you are missing out. I have rented them from the library and even bought a few in the past.

Because my family has a history of very "bad" knees passed on from generation to generation, I am picky about what exercises I do that are safe for my own knees. And, this in home walking routine is a blessing. But, don't get too excited, it is not a piece of cake! You will get a great workout ( and isn't that point? )

Here are some details on the Free Membership:

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Membership

  • Free exercise videos via the web

  • Meal planners for each week

  • Walk journal

  • Walk calendar

  • Live chat

  • 30 days! No credit card required, so you don't need to remember to cancel! :)

I am excited to follow the 30 day membership, and if you want in on it, here.

The annual membership is only around $30, so it is not a huge savings. But, why I liked this is that you can try it before you sign up for a whole year and see if it is worthwhile for you.

And, if you decide to join me on my journey, please make sure to Facebook, Tweet or leave me comments on your successes. Hopefully, it will keep my motivation up!

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Sandra Dee said...

This is great. My Mom LOVES the Leslie Sansone videos. I can't wait to tell her about this! Thanks, Carrie!

Carrie @ said...

I know..I really like them, too. They are right up my alley and my speed..and I am getting a good workout, too.

I am going to run by Best Buy and see how much cables are to hook my PC up to my TV, too. I am sure it is possible.