Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cash out with Paypal on Swagbucks!!

As if I couldn't be any happier with Swagbucks, they went beyond my wildest dreams and are now offering Paypal as an option to redeem your bucks!

I got the email today and was instantly thrilled!

Although it is 80 points to cash out for $5 in cash thru Paypal compared to the 45 for $5 in gift certificates, I still see this is as a definite benefit to many.

Number one, redeeming for Amazon is definitely the most financially beneficial dollar vs swagbucks. BUT, this is only beneficial if you can use Amazon gift certificates. And, I realize you can buy most things on Amazon, BUT what if you are someone who is short on cash for bills? Or, do you need extra money to buy something NOT on Amazon?

Then, all of a sudden the Paypal option is much more worthwhile! And, the Paypal option is a better option than Lowes and JcPenneys and many of the other gift cards offered. So, in all honesty, it is one of the better options. is cash!! You get the money in Paypal and then can withdraw it to your checking.

New to my site or Swagbucks? Let me explain.

Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and What does this mean to you? If you currently search the web via any other search engine, consider switching to Swagbucks instead.

You can save Swagbucks as your home page and every time you search the web, you potentially win swagbucks. As you win them, they accumulate and you can then redeem them for gifts, gift cards and now cash ( via Paypal ).

And, don't forget that if you love the program, refer your friends. You will get up to 100 points every time they win! If you are currently a member, send an email out to all your friends letting them know Paypal is now available. They may be more interested in the program now that they can redeem for cash.

Would you like to join Swagbucks and begin receiving free money for searching the web? Click here and enter code CASHISKING to get 5 bonus points!

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