Wednesday, July 1, 2009

$275 in Additional Research Studies!

I may need to make Research studies a daily post to keep up with them all! I was going to do them weekly and email everyone in between, but that was taking too long.

So, we may be simply updating quickly each time I see them come in. I guess I will play it by ear!

Anyway, in addition to my earlier post today ( read it here ), I have two new studies for Focus Forward.

  • $125 Nationwide Study for Creative Thinkers
  • $150 New York City Study on Cell Phones

Click here to request an invite to Focus Forward.

Once/If you are registered, click here to complete your pre screener for the above studies ( and all others I have shared )

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Nancy said...

Can you tell me how the research studies work? I can't go somewhere to participate in something, but if this is something I can do at home, I'd certainly be interested.

Carrie @ said...


It depends on the particular company you are doing Market Research for and the particular study.

Some are phone studies, some are via the computer and some are on location.

All you can do is do the screener and if you get chosen, accept or decline.