Thursday, July 9, 2009

$29 Lexmark Photo Printer - Sale Shopping

I grabbed one of these for my family!

I am so excited, because this is a great gift for the Holidays! So, I was able to mark another family member from our Christmas list!

If you haven't read my method on saving my family thousands a year by sale shopping, click here. I explain how I manage to not overspend and get great gifts for 75% off or more!

Right now, the Lexmark Photo Printer, P350 is 76% off with free shipping! Yes, it is true. The price of this baby is normally $129.99 and they are selling it for $29.99!

I also looked up reviews and this came back as good. Of course, there were some others that were ranked higher because of their printer speed and extras, but they cost hundreds of dollars and not under $30. :-) In addition, the cost of prints when you have to replace ink comes out to about 29 cents a print. So, reasonable for your home photo printer.

What a deal!
Then, to top it off, you get a free trial at the end of your order and receive $10 off your next purchase ( which means you can go buy something for free ). Free trials are a GREAT way to get to try products plus get freebies or make money. Go here to read how I utilize free trials to benefit my family.

Want in on this printer deal? Click here. Then, do a search on Lexmark Photo Printer P350 Make sure to switch the shipping to the free shipping before you check out. It is the first one. Also, the first result that comes back is full price at $129.99. You don't want that one. The 2nd choice is the one on sale for $29.99.

And, remember, often times sales go quickly. So, if interested, take advantage now.

Happy Sale Shopping!

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Kelly said...

Awesome! Thanks Carrie! I just grabbed one of these!

Claire said...

It's showing up as 126 for me...anyone else have this problem?

Becky w/ Nickels-n-Dimes said...

Yep, $126 here as well. On this site, they are typically one day only kind of sales. Great deal for those that got in on it. Thanks for the heads up Carrie (we were just late!).

Becky w/ Nickels-n-Dimes said...

huh...I just noticed that Kelly was able to get one today for this price. Don't know.

Morehart said...

worked for me. just go to and search for Lexmark Photo Printer gives you 2 options.

Carrie @ said...

Yes, there are two options. One does come up the full price and one comes up as discounted. You want the discounted one.

Kristine said...

I just bought one for my mom. Woo Hoo. Thanks Carrie!

Anonymous said...

You could also go through (like ebates) for a % back.