Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Opinion Outpost and Pro Opinion - Instant Win $50!!

It is true! It is true!

I won $50 tonight on Opinion Outpost!

We all know I have gotten back into taking surveys lately. I had gotten a bit away from it over the last year as I spent so much time on my blog.

But, because of readers asking me what the standard revenue earned was for most users, I decided to start taking them again and tracking my numbers for everyone.

So, today I was taking a prescreener on Opinion Outpost. As any user for this survey company knows, if you don't qualify after the prescreener you will go to a page that offers you three options. You can either choose to donate 10 cents to the Red Cross, choose to be entered into their large prize drawing or you can play the instant win game.

I always click the button for the $50 instant win game. I figure, why not? My assumption is that the large drawing will have many entrants and so I hope I have better luck with the instant win.

And....I did!
I clicked the button and I won $50!

So, I am hear to tell everyone....users do WIN! So, if you don't qualify for the survey to earn money, try the instant win game. You may be surprised!

For anyone who is not yet a member of Opinion Outpost, it is great survey company. I get many survey requests a month from them ( in fact, every week I get many ) and you take a short prescreener. If you qualify for the surveys, you will receive points that can then be redeemed for money!

Click here to sign up with Opinion Outpost.

And, as you now see, if you don't qualify for the survey, they give you a chance at the Instant Win game!
In addition, Pro Opinion is also affiliated with Opinion Outpost. So, I recommend signing up with them as well. For whatever reason, though, I had to sign up at two separate email addresses for each site.

Click here to request your invite to Pro Opinion. And, if you have emailed me in the past and not gotten your email invite, please enter your information again!

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Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! It is nice to know that people do win those.

I signed up on your HDC survey link a few days ago - and got 2500 points ($25) for doing one of their surveys today! Wow!


Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

Congratulations! I always do the instant win when I do an Opinion Outpost survey, too. It's nice to know that someone actually wins once in awhile :-).

Beth Anne said...

I signed my sister up for Opinion Outpost and she won the $50 on her second or third try!

Carrie @ said...

Janet...AWESOME!!! I am really loving HCD Survey!

Beth Anne...I am so excited for your sister.

Nothing like getting $50 for answering a few prescreener questions. :-)

Anonymous said...

I signed up with Opinion Outpost at the end of April and I have received nothing from them. Absolutely nothing. No emails. No prescreeners. Nothing. I can log into my account online but it always says the same thing. No surveys. Guess I am not the right demographic for them. I signed up with 4 other companies at around the same time(Lightspeed, Surveyhead, Mysurvey, & Global Test market) and am ready to cash out on several of those. I just don't understand why nothing from Opinion Outpost.


Carrie @ said...


That is odd! If you can find an email on their site, I would send them one and ask them to check and see if you account is set up correctly.

I get more from Opinion Outpost than many others. Multiple times a day they seem to come thru on my email account.

Nathan said...

You sound like you're paid off. I don't know if I believe you.

Carrie @ said...


That I won $50?

I did, I did! I have the deposit slip to prove it! So fun and exciting! Woo, hoo!

Of course, I haven't won since, but it was fun. Lately, I have just been getting my points here and there as I qualify.

For a rundown on my weekly Survey stats ( I am a few weeks behind ), click here.

I go over which companies I used each week, how many screeners I took and qualified for and how many I didn't.

That way readers can see a true picture of how the companies are working out for me and decide whether surveys are for them or not.