Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mystery Shopping - Service Excellence

Welcome to my weekly post on Mystery Shopping.

Every week, I strive to bring you a new company to add to your shopping list!

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This week I would like to introduce everyone to Service Excellence.Service Experts, or Service X...as their emails will display, offer various types of projects. My most recent requests were for the Cleaners!

Now, that is a shop I can use!
As a mom of 3 small children, my clothes are constantly messy. From squirted ketchup to one of my kids coming up and rubbing their snotty nose on me before I can stop them, my clothes are always in disarray.

Besides Cleaners, I have recently seen shops for flooring stores that pay very well. And, this is simply what I have seen in my state of Ohio. Your location may have different offers, so check it out!

Click here to register with Service Experts to see what Mystery Shops you may qualify for yourself!

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The Thrifty Geek said...

Thanks Carrie,
I sign up for everyone you send our way. So far, I have done 3 mystery shops. They were great and easy. Quick money.



Business Mommy said...

I am loving this mystery shopping stuff! I was starting to get bored with the lack of good deals recently, so just started signing up for the mystery shops to see how it was. It is so much fun. I have like six scheduled for this week! And a lot of it has been for stuff that I really need. So not only am I getting something free, I then end up not having to pay for something I would have bought anyway. It's like double free! Love it, love it, love it!

To anyone doing these mystery shops, don't forget to do your mapquest. You can deduct the mileage to and from the location as a business expense.