Friday, May 29, 2009

200 Free Prints Plus Free Shipping Time!

Many of you will remember, I typed about Photo Cubbie last month. And, well, I ended up getting 200 free prints plus free shipping! It is a heck of a deal!

So, since it is the end of another month, I wanted to remind everyone about this great Trial Offer.

Photo Cubbie is a company that is currently offering this amazing freebie. Why? They would love for you to try their prints and their service.

So, here are the details:
  • Click here to go to Photo Cubbie and sign up.

  • You are trying their service for free for 7 days. Please mark your calendars ( email, cell phone and planner ) to alert you to the end of your trial. I always like to mark mine a few days early, as you never know if you may be busy on the day your calendar alert pops up. Take into consideration weekends, too, when they may be closed.

  • Upload 100 photos. They do have a bulk load.

  • Finish the Check out process.
And, that is it! You photos will be processed and on their way soon.

So, how do you get another 100 ( bringing your total to 200? )

On June 1st ( Monday ) , while still under your 7 day free trial, you can upload and get another 100 photos free with free shipping.

Part of the program you are testing includes 100 Free Photos every month! So, since your trial covers both May and June, you get 200. I did this last month and got all 200 of mine and they were wonderful! I already have them in my photo albums.

What exactly is Photo Cubbie?

For one, you get 100 Photos and Free Shipping each month with your membership, as I just mentioned above. In addition, you can upload videos, as well as your photos, to share with all your family/friends via your own url web address. It is a very nice service.

I hope you enjoy your free photos! And, remember, you can see all Free Photo deals that are currently available by clicking the Free Photos button in my left menu bar at anytime!

New to Trial Offers? Click here or also, go to my Trial Offers button in the left menu bar. This is a great way to get products, money and freebies for trying out services companies offer! And, you may find a company that meets your needs, too!

What is one of my other favorite Free Trials that is available this month still?

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Anonymous said...

I keep getting a "transaction error" what am i doing wrong?

Carrie @ said...

After you have filled everything out?

Some had problems last month, too, and some didn't.

If you filled everything out and then got the transaction error, try to go back and log in and see if it took your information.

If not, try again tomorrow to see if it is working.

Let me know.

Christina said...

I am getting the same transaction error after I input my contact information and credit card information. I e-mailed customer support yesterday but still haven't heard back.

Laura said...

I am having the same error, and know my information is correct.

shumim said...

i would like to know if you also had a hard time uploading pictures to your photo cubbie account. i've been trying to upload pictures but it's giving me such a hard time that i'm about to call and cancel before i even get any of the photos. just wanted to hear about your experience before i do so.
thanks! elana

Carrie @ said...

I didn't have much problem uploading. When I did it, I picked my 100 and then set it to go and left my PC running while I went and took my daughter to preschool.

When I got home later that day, they were all uploaded. So, since I wasn't there, I am not sure how long it took.

I would set it up to run while you are not going to be sitting there checking it.

But, no, I didn't have major problems.

Then, when the 1st of the next month hit, I did the same thing OK.

grace Poe said...

I was able to login the next day. I signed up and it said transaction error, but now I'm having a problem uploading my pictures. I used bulk upload, some of the pictures they are saying are to big, actually 90% of the pictures they kick out. Does anyone heard of this when they upload their pics.


shumim said...

i'm having the same problem. i can't upload most of the pictures.

Carrie @ said...

Make sure the photos are JPG, GIF or PNG files. Otherwise, they won't be able to upload.

Not sure if that is the problem, but worth a try to see.

If not, call them tomorrow...the only problem is you will only get 100 then, instead of 200..since i will be June.

Carrie @ said...

Also, make sure you are signed up for the "trial" preferred for the 100 free prints and didn't just go to Photo Cubbie.

If you just went to Photo Cubbie you probably only signed up for their "unpaid" membership which doesn't allow you much space to upload photos and may be causing the issues, too.

The very first time I signed up I made that mistake, and had to go sign up for the the Trial to get the correct account to upload pictures.

Not sure any of those are causing the issues, but you never know.

grace Poe said...

i signed up the other night when I was having problems continuing after the sign up screen. I went to their homepage the next day and signed in. Am I not in the free 100 preffered pics. How do I go to the screen for the free 100 prints without signing up again?

Carrie @ said...


Log into your account and see if it says you have the professional account or if you need to upgrade.

I am not exactly sure where to look, since I don't have access to my account anymore.

But, if you do not have the professional account, then the sign up you did for the 100 free prints did not work and you will need to go back to my post and sign up again.

Well, I guess see if it will let you sign up again. :-)

But, make sure first. If it does show you have the professional account...then I am not sure why they won't upload. I am at a loss.

Laura said...

I'm still getting the same "transaction error" today, and it won't let me sign in either. They haven't answered my e-mail I sent 2 days ago, so not very impressed with their service so far!