Wednesday, May 20, 2009

100 Free Photo Prints - Photo Fun

I am always thrilled when I find a new Photo company I have never heard of before AND they are offering free prints! Yay!

Photo Fun is currently offering 100 free photos to new members of their service. Click here to sign up and take advantage of this deal, too.

My shipping came to just under $4.00, so that is less than 4 cents a print when you figure it that way. Great price!

Finally, Photo Fun is providing the printing service for OfficeMax Photos.

So, make sure to head over there and take advantage of their 75 free prints, too. They had dropped it down to 50 prints, but now it is back up to 75 again. Click here to access these as well.

If you want to see more Free Print options, feel free to go to my Free Photos tab in the left menu bar at anytime.

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Lori said...

Carrie, I have gone to this site and signed up to upload photos. I don't see anywhere that states that you get 100 free photos though. Am I missing something?

Carrie @ said...


When you click on the button to know where you enter your information, the words at the very top say new members get 100 free prints.

Click on the link again, then click on the button to register and let me know if you don't see it.

chewymama said...

i did that and uploaded everything but when it came time to pay there was no credit.

Carrie @ said...

I saw that they took the announcement off the first page and it is now only listed when you click to become a new member.

So, I emailed them earlier today. If you get a chance, send them an email, too.

I also did a screen print showing where it says you get 100 free, because it looks like they are in the process of taking this deal down since it is gone when you go to their site.

So, I would recommend doing a screen print of the new register page where it shows the 100 prints so you have proof when you write them.

I'll let everyone know what they say to me, but I have a feeling the deal went down today.

Michelle said...

I just registered. The site is ridiculously hard to use. I spent nearly 2 hours uploading photos. and my 100 free prints weren't caculated at check out. The only contact number available is for the president of the company. Whom I called and he answered his phone on the first ring. He walked me through the steps and gave me the credit. However it was such a pain I'm not sure its worth your time.
There is also a charge for paying. They accept visa and mastercard and either way there is a $1.25 charge just to process payment. I got 152 photos for a little more than $5 which isn't bad.

for some reason (and this is the 2nd online photo co. I've used at your suggestion so maybe you can help me figure this out) some of my pics are "too small" and the pixels don't look right so not all the pictures come out good quality.

anybody know how to size photos? or what to do so that I don't have to size photos? Im not very technologically saavy.


Michelle said...

oh I forgot to mention that the prez I spoke to said they are "having a glitch today" thats why the 100 free prints wasn't going through

Anonymous said...


Do you have the president's phone number by chance? I placed an order on May 30th. I went to check on it this last weekend and their website has been down. I haven't received my pictures yet. I understand that it could take a little while, but no where can I find a time frame stated. Does anyone know how long it takes?

Thank you!!!

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