Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free GPS from Key Bank

Another great bank offer to share with everyone this week. Click here to read about the $100 Bonus from WesBanco right now, too. You won't want to miss that one either.

Currently, Key Bank is running a fun promotion for a free Garmin nuvi 205W GPS. This would be a great Father's Day gift! It probably won't be here by then, but you can always give Dad a picture of what is coming.

Free GPS from Key Bank

  • Open Express Free Checking by April 24th, 09
  • Use your debit card once
  • Two Direct Deposits or Automated Payments each of $100 or more by June 26th
  • You can upgrade to a Garmin nuvi 265WT GPS if you choose the Key Privilege or Key Privilege Select Checking account instead.
  • Open a Business Checking and you can a Free GPS, too
  • Limit one per account
  • Your GPS will arrive within 90 days of meeting requirements
  • Must not have another account at Key ( new customer )
  • You cannot have opened another Key Checking account in the last year to qualify
  • Click here to read all details

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Business Mommy said...

You found one! I think I have two others. I'll have to check my other computer.

Wilson Wonders said...

Key Bank offers are not totally free. If you read the fine print, they tell you they will be sending you a 1099 for the value of the unit. You will have to report that as income to the IRS. They do this with most of their "open an account, get XXX free" promos.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Wilson Wonders,

This is true of ANYTHING you earn or make in the US. Any of the "earners" on my site are taxable.

If you win a prize on the Price is Right, you need to pay taxes on it.

Any of the Online Offers I write about..you must pay taxes!!

In fact, techically, you should pay taxes on income you make off of a garage sale/ebay, etc.

It is indeed part of the living in the great United States. :-)

You can read my post here about struggling with the banks to send me my 1099-INT forms last week.


It is funny, because I even called Key Bank, and they said they didn't need to send me one for the $100 Gift Card I got from them last week.

But, even if you don't get your form, you still need to list it on your forms for tax purposes.

And, regarding the Free GPS...even if you go buy one in the store..you will need to pay taxes. There is simply no way around it, unfortunately!

Hollynn Kidwell said...


There is also a $100 bank offer out for M&T Bank. I don't know if it is good for everyone because it asks for your zip code. However, I was able to qualify for the account and the bonus. Here is the link http://checking.mtb.com/
Thanks for all you do in helping others save and earn money. You are the best. Have a great one.

Svetlana said...

If you need GPS, why not do it? You get free order of checks w/carbon too.
Garmin nuvi 265WT GPS is $299.99 at Staples. Key will report $240.00 on 1099 as an income. It is like you got it 20% off and no sales tax ( another $20.00 saved)The whole difference is when you pay tax - before or after? This sound decent to me, the only consern- is there any possibility of return/exchange of defective device?

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

That is a good question, Svetlana. I would think that Key would stand behind the product they ship, if not...there should be a warranty on it...well, I would guess.