Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kids Earn a Free Book - Barnes & Noble

Seriously, can you believe it? The free Summer Program are starting to show up all over the web already! I really cannot fathom that Memorial Day is a month away and then 3 months of vacation! I am so excited to have all day with my eldest again ( since this was his first year away from me all day )

If you remember last year, there were so many wonderful programs in the summer. And, some that are around all year long. So, I am going to switch my Tax Preparation button in the left side bar to a Free Summer Fun webpage and accumulate all the great freebies that will be coming our way.

So, to kick it off, here is a wonderful Reading Program courtesy of Barnes and Noble.

I LOVE reading, as you have heard me mention before, and so does my son. In fact, tonight as I tucked him into bed he asked if I would leave his light on and let him read for an extra half hour. How can I deny him when my favorite past time is reading before I fall asleep? So, I said sure.

And, although I am a fiction novel fan, he is all about Non-Fiction books. In fact, for quite awhile, he was carrying an Almanac around and reading it. Week after week I had to hear every detail about the center of the Earth, weather patterns, how high mountains were, etc, etc. He is so fascinated by all things, and it is so fun to watch him love learning.

This week the book he wanted to carry around and take to school was his Bible. And, he has been reading stories from in there. Of course, he has a lot of questions, as he reads, but it again just melts my heart to experience his excitement over reading, learning and understanding something new.

So, I am thrilled to have him take part in this Summer Reading Club. And, he is going to be extra excited when he realizes he gets a Free Book!

Would you like your child to take part? Here are the details:

  • Kids ( 1st thru 6th grade ) read any 8 books
  • Kids fill in a Summer Reading Journal that tells their favorite part of each book.
  • Parents sign off on the Journal once complete
  • Bring the completed journal to Barnes & Noble between May 26th & September 7, 09
  • Receive a coupon for a Free Book ( select titles available )
  • Only one per school age child
  • Click here for all details and to print out your journal

Hope your kids enjoy!

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Cristy said...

Carrie, Thanks for this new idea! I am a Summer Junkie. I am always looking for free ideas, free rewards, free or discounted places to visit with my kids. Those around me are always turning to me throughout the Summer months to see what is on my agenda. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. In our area Regal has free movies every week (I think it is national). We always look forward to that. Living in Florida, we have many beaches to visit that are free or close to it (so we pack our lunches and enjoy the day making sandcastles). Thanks again!

Marcy said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. :-)