Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Giveaway Updates...and a Yummy New One!

Before you ask, no, Carrie's Cooking is not my site.

But, Carrie is actually a dear friend of mine and my former roommate from back before marriage, children, etc. So, I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of both Giveaways going on my blog, but also introducing you to Carrie's First Giveaway!

Over at Carrie's, you will find the Betty Crocker's Healthy Home Cooking cookbook! To enter, simply click here. And, while there, make sure to take a look around. She has a lot of great recipes. And, she is a fellow Grocery Game shopper, so many of her meals are made with the low cost items we all buy at the grocery each week.

And, don't forget about what I have offered over on my Giveaway webpage. You can always click the button in the left menu bar to see what is offered for the month and keep up to date as I new Giveaways arrive.

Currently, and just in time for Earth Day, I have 4 copies of Green Your Home All in One for Dummies Book and also, the "Mommy Needs a Break" Tee Giveaway.

Finally, I can't resist recommending Andrea at Mommy Snacks giveaway on a fabulous Organization system. I absolutely am in love with it!

And, for all of those readers who are loyal followers of Andrea's and haven't been able to get into her site, that is because she has moved off of Blogger and over to WordPress. To find her new home, you only need to type mommysnacks.net to find her! No more blogspot in her address!

OK..that is it. I promise. Just didn't want you to miss out on these great items!

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1 comment:

Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.net said...

Carrie, thanks for highlighting my giveaway! I think a few people found my new digs thanks to that link!