Thursday, April 16, 2009

$20 For Cincinnati Enquirer Annual Subscription

Grocery Shopping with the Grocery Game is one of my largest money savers for my family. In fact, I just recently got done updating my numbers and here is the breakdown for my family of 5.

  • Total Value of all Groceries = $2,793

  • Sale/Coupon Match Up = $1,335

  • Electronic Coupons Used = $30

  • $36 in Rebates

  • Promotions in store - $103

  • Prescription Value - $20

  • Reusable Bags - $1

Total Spent this year is $1,269. Divide that by 15 weeks so far this year and I have spent approx. $85 a week for our groceries. As you can tell, I save over 50% off my groceries. How have you been doing? Are you tracking your savings?

The reason so many can save so much is the matching of the sales with coupons to get the lowest price and then stockpiling. And, so many of us get our coupons thru the Sunday paper, All You, ( by the way...make sure to click and go load/print all the new coupons out there for April ), that I am always looking for a deal on my paper.

And, that was why I was so thrilled when Becky V. emailed me with this great find.

Readers of the Cincinnati Enquirer can get it for $20 for the year!! The year? Yes, the year!! It is a great deal and cheaper than anything I have seen anywhere.

Want to take part?

All you have to do is join the Bethel Journal for a year at $20. Then, they give you the Sunday paper free! I signed up quite awhile back ( no credit card required ) and received a bill to pay my $20. I mailed it back today.

Here is the link if you want a year of the Cincinnati Enquirer for $20, too. If you are resident of their county, you get it for $18.

Remember, you don't need to live in the Bethel vicinity to order. As long as you are in the Cincinnati Enquirer delivery area, you will get your free Sunday paper.

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Jamie said...


This is funny to me, because I live in Bethel and it's a tiny little town. Thanks for giving the Journal some publicity! :)


Emily said...

Jamie - I just sent you a link to this so I guess you beat me to it. When I signed up as a county resident it actually said $15 on the confirmation page, so I wonder if it will be even cheaper!

amy said...

Emily--I had the same thing happen to me and it is a misprint. But I still signed up for 6 papers to be delivered to my home. I had to call them and explain this to them though. But it is 18$/ year/ subscription if you live in clermont co.

E said...

Does the paper have all the "usual" coupon inserts? If you don't live in the area, does it come in the US mail?

Carrie @ said...


This is our paper for the Cincinnati area, so yes, it has all the inserts.

But, if you live out of their delivery area and have it mailed to you, I don't believe they include the coupons.

You can call the Cincinnati Enquirer and check, but I am pretty sure they only mail the paper and not inserts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is this promotion still happening?

Also I would like to order 6 lik Amy did, I can't find a number to call them, does anyone know it?