Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Online Offers - Nuitech Discussion Tonight!!

For everyone that showed up for the Online Offers discussion last week, thanks! Based on their response, we will be discussing Online Offers with Nuitech this week. And, also how I organize all the offers I do.

So, here are the details:

Online Offers w/ Nuitech & Organization Discussion

Time: 10 PM EST

Place: Online Offers Meeting Room on Facebook

Want to access my spreadsheet for Online Offers? Click here.

( this is a different link than last week for the discussion, and goes to a chat room. We will see if it is easier to "discuss" here. You may want to log in early to ensure you can download this Chat Room. )

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Remember, even if you are signed up following my blog via feed or email, you get all that information delayed. So, if a good deal comes across my desk, but your feed is delayed by hours, you may be too late. I will send messages out to my Facebook followers in real time for any "spectacular" deals that I know will disappear fast! Remember to have your Facebook status set up to send you email notifications!

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Misty said...

Hey Carrie,

I've had to miss both talks, is there anyway I can go read everything, I've looked around on the facebook page and can't find it. Thanks!

Suz said...

I missed it again! I so would like to join you, but it just gets too late for me.

I'll catch it one of these days, I hope :)