Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mystery Shopping - ICCDS

Welcome back to my weekly Mystery Shopping post!

This week I am going to introduce ICCDS, or ICC Decision Services. Click here to register, for free, of course.

ICCDS sent me regular emails with available shops....and many of these are actualyl "fun" for shoppers. I am talking retail stores many times!

New to Mystery Shopping? This is a great way to make a bit of extra money, as well as get some great freebies as payment ( Dinner anyone? )

You can go here to view my run down on the process of Mystery Shopping, as well as find all the companies I have recommened in 2009 thus far. Just click on the images in the sidebars, and it will take you to either the sign in page or a post I did explaing how to sign up. You can also find this webpage at anytime by clicking on the Mystery Shopping button in the left menu bar.

And, before anyone asks, it is beneficial to sign up with them all and not cancel if they have no shops in your area? Even if a company does not have a shop within your area of the US, don't close your account. :-) You never know when they may receive new shops in your very area, and they you won't miss out!

Happy Shopping everyone!


Karen said...

This is one of my favorite Mystery Shopping Companies.

Whitney @ Mystery Shoppers Unite said...

hey there. i've shopped with ICCDS before... FYE was by far my favorite! free CD's, huh? ;)