Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Join me on Facebook for Online Offers Q&A!

So, I started a group on Facebook for Money Saving Methods! Have you joined yet? Please do by clicking here.

And, I was thinking? What can I utilize this for to help my readers and my blog? It is a great tool for discussions ( so go out anytime to start one...I would love it ).

But, what better way to sit down with readers at one time to discuss the many questions I get in my inbox each day. I am so behind on email ( sorry everyone ) and feel so bad when I can't answer each and every question in a timely manner.

My hope is to try and do a different discussion each week for anyone that is interested. And, if no one shows up, that is fine, too! :-) Albeit, a bit lonely for me.

Here are the details:

Online Offers - IDeal Discussion
  • Wednesday, March 11th at 10:00 PM EST ( wanted to find a time that West Coast readers could be done with dinner, etc, too )
  • Login here to Money Saving Methods Facebook page
  • Talk ( type ) live with me and other readers as we ask questions, discuss experiences, etc with Online Offers for IDeal.

Come prepared with your questions, your experiences ( many of you are guru's now, too ) or just to read as we discuss making money in this manner. And, also, be prepared to let me know which topic you would like to discuss the following week, too.

If you plan to attend, please sign up as a Facebook follower to Money Saving Methods and leave a quick comment below ( in this post on my website ) letting me know if you plan to be there. If there is no interest, I don't want to be sitting out on Facebook twiddling my thumbs. :-)

Finally, stay tuned for my next post. It is a fun Giveaway ( and it revolves around Facebook, so I am excited ).

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Evelyn said...

Do I have to have a facebook? If I do can I come on my daughter's facebook?

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

You can log in on your daughter's if you want.

If you plan to join my discussions each week, you may want to set your own account up.

It doesn't take long at all. It will prompt you to set up an account when you click on the link to go to my Facebook page.

Becky said...

I was just getting ready to send you an email with questions about an IDeal offer I'm doing. I guess I'll log into FB tomorrow instead. See you then!


I'll be there.

Jenny said...

Hey Carrie - I'll try to log on at that time!


Anonymous said...

I will sure try. Sometimes life just gets in the way of what I would really like to be doing, you know cooking, baths, etc.

busy mom said...

Carrie , I sent you a email from yahoo and forgot to sign it .
sorry, it has been a busy week.