Tuesday, March 10, 2009

$25 Gift Cerificates for $2 - 80% off!

Food For A Fraction Of The Cost

My rule of thumb is to "try" and buy 75% off or more.

So, I am always thrilled when Restaurants.com runs their coupon codes for 80% off on their gift certificates. Yay!

Thru March 15th, you can order $25 Gift Certificates for $2 from their site. Click here and enter code MENU when checking out

NOW, before you start jumping all around, hoopin' and hollerin', let me explain the program first.

It is a GOOD deal, but it is not specifically a gift certificate, as they like to say. It is more like a coupon. Why do I say that?

If you buy a $25 gift certificate, please read the terms first. For example, a restaurant by me has the terms that I must make a purchase of $40 to use the $25 gift certificate. See what I mean about being more like coupon?

Every restaurant is different. So, some may not have this requirement. My point is, please check the terms for the specific restaurant you are looking at before you buy it. If it is a restaurant you can use, and you normally spend that amount for your family, then getting this $25 off is a great deal!


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V said...

ebates also offers 15% cash back at restaurant.com

Kelly said...

It usually ends up costing about 50 % less , when you use their coupon . You should also tip on the full amount of the meal before your discount is applied .
All of that needs to be factored in when you determine what your meals will cost .

Anonymous said...

Before you tip - look at your bill and see if the tip has ALREADY been added. May of the restaurants add 15 to 18% of the entire (non-discounted) bill.

I have had some trouble with getting credit at ebates for Restaurant.com purchases. It seems like I always have to follow up to get the rebate. The upside of that is that sometimes that works to my advantage.

I bought 2 $25 certificates this December at 80% off (spent $4 OOP)
Restaurants.com did not automatically credit me. But when I followed up - they credited me 15% of the TOTAL $50 VALUE!

I spent $4 and got $7.50 BACK!!!


Rachel from Texas said...

Cashbaq does 25% back on them and Mypoints does 6points per dollar I think in case people don't have ebates. I love these because there is a great little family owned place near me that does these so it comes to a great price. But I 100% agree that they are coupons NOT gift certificates. I almost feel like it's false advertising calling them gift certificates. I always explain them to people just like you did. I have never seen a $25 one that you didn't have to spend atleast $35 on or a $10 one that you didn't have to spend atleast $25 on. The place that I normally go to raised their mininum to $45. And some build an 18% tip in, some do not. Also some have certain times/days that you can't use them so definitely read all the fine print. Thanks for the new coupon code :)