Monday, March 9, 2009

Huggies $5 & $3 Coupons are Back! Print Again!

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They're back! has reloaded the Huggies coupons and these now have a new expiration date of April 8th. Yay!

Print them again 2 times! I just reprinted 2 more of each so I am all geared up to go buy cheap diapers.

Click here to access and print. And, after you print the first time, scroll to the last page. The coupons move to that page.

While at their site, make sure to take advantage of the free Dr. Pepper coupon again. It is back out there. You just need to sign up at Dr. Pepper ( there will be a link ) and they will mail you a coupon.

And...don't forget Walgreens is having a sale on Huggies this week!!! New to shopping Walgreens? Make sure to click on my Groceries tab in the left menu bar. Once there, go to the button for Walgreens in the right menu bar for details on the great freebies and deals you can get at Walgreens. Or, simply click here.
Here is the deal:

Huggies Deal - Buy $25 and get $10 back in RR

Final Price for 3 Packs of Diapers? $2.75

That is 92 cents per Jumbo Pack.

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The Thrifty Geek said...

I am having trouble with our walgreens not giving the register rewards when you use a coupon. Do you know if that is a company wide rule now?

Carrie @ said...

I have not had this problem. Mine just automatically print when I shop..even with coupons.

Try calling Walgreens Customer Service. They should be able to tell you if this is a store by store policy or if you store is following policy.


If you don't mind, let us all know what they say.

courtney said...

I just had the same problem... sinc the total with the 3 coupons was $15 the cashier said it didn't qualify for the Register Rewards. I assumed it was based on the 'retail total' not the total after coupons. Any thoughts?

Carrie @ said...

It must be store by store.

Mine just printed and was handed to me with the receipt. I just did it a few hours ago.

Do the same. Call Walgreens and see what they say.

And, don't be afraid about returning them if you don't want them at that price. I have returned items before that didn't ring up as expected.

Another good idea is to always have Walgreens and CVS phone numbers on your phone. That way if you run into a problem with a cashier, you can call their home office ( just walk to another part of the store ) to find out the details before you leave.

Carrie @ said...

Thrify Geek and Courtney,

I just went out and read some message boards, etc, because when I tried to call...they were gone.

Coupons have NO affect on Register Rewards, just as I thought. When you run into uneducated managers on their policy, you ARE supposed to call Walgreens and they can talk to the manager for you.

Their policy does not state after coupons.

Just have them return the items and re ring them up with the RR afer they have talked to headquarters.

If they didn't automatically print, it could simply be due to their tape being out for that machine, etc, but they should process thru at each store.

Hope that helps.

Sariah S. Wilson said...

I had a problem in the past with a RR not printing because I used a RR from the same manufacturer (Procter & Gamble) - or at least that's what the manager claimed. I'd love to go and buy multiples of the diapers - I'm just afraid that if I tried to use the $10 to pay for the next transaction that the RR wouldn't print out.