Friday, March 20, 2009

$20 Free from Spring Hill Nursery

I posted this deal last year, and I am so pleased it is back. I love Spring Hill Nursery! And, I love my flower gardens. So, if I can get cheap or free flowers for my spring planting, I am all for that!

Please do note: plants you pick will be shipped at the appropriate time for their planting. So, you won't necessarily get your shipment next week. Also, these plants do not look very healthy when you get them. They are small and often times just look like roots.
But, I have been planting their flowers for almost 10 years, and they have always grown into gorgeous flowers. Now, I have to split these same flowers because they have gotten so large.
Also, if a plant doesn't make it, they have a lifetime guarantee. So, file your receipts in your receipt envelopes :-)
So, what is the deal?
  • Click here to go to Spring Hill Nursery. It must be this specific link. If you click thru Mr. Rebates, etc, this bonus will not apply unfortunately.
  • Order $20 worth of products and the total will automatically come off when checking out
  • You DO have to pay shipping. But, it is still a great deal!
  • Please keep copies of all receipts and save them. Last year, our receipt only showed the shipping, but when our credit cards came...they had charged us the full bill. So, make sure to watch your credit card. I simply had to call Spring Hill, email them a copy of the lower bill, and they refunded the difference. See why it is important to keep all receipts?
  • Plant your new flowers!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!

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Nilz said...

Thanks for sharing this information. This is a big deal, I guess. I'll share this post with my friends.

Ashley said...

I just ordered mine Carrie! Thanks!!

Shannon said...

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for posting this offer, just a heads up, it can be combined with the 1 cent sale they have going on.

Michelle said...

Just ordered 48 bulbs for shipping only. I did the $20 deal, plus the 1 cent sale they have going on. Cannot wait to get these flowers. Thanks Carrie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for letting us in on the deal. In our super crunch to save money this year, I wasn't even going to consider getting anything new for the garden. Now I've got something new to look forward to after all. Thank you!