Friday, March 20, 2009

$20 Bonus for

Yes, I just talked about a few days ago and had you send me emails to receive your referrals. And, I have gotten them all.

Why haven't I responded? Well, because I remembered that Janel ( thanks so much ) had left me a comment some months ago that Cashbaq was offering a $20 incentive to sign up with

So, I decided to finally go check it out before I emailed you all a referral emails. I don't want you to lose out on $20, now do I?

Needless to say, you won't be getting an email referral back from me. Instead, my advice is to sign up for the very same program only thru Cashbaq and earn that $20! So, here are the details:

  • Sign up for Cashbaq here. If you are new, you will also get a $5 sign on bonus, too! Even better!
  • Scroll down and sign up for thru their site.
  • Load the risk free trial and get your $5 free in postage
  • Mark your calendar for a few days before your 4 week trial is expiring
  • Call before trial is over to ask if they have a cheaper plan. They do have a lower plan ( or they did last month ) that will save you a bit. It comes to $9.99 per month.
  • Get your $2o Bonus from Cashbaq
  • Mark your calendar for the next billing end cycle to call and cancel ( if you don't want to keep the program ). Many times, they will even offer to extend your trial and give you another $5 free. You just never know!! :-)
  • You will spend $9.99 and make $25 or more!! Great deal!!

All of this too confusing for you and you would just like to sign up directly for Click here and enter code C-8H7Y-KXG.

Want to know more on how I earn money and get freebies thru Trial Offers? Click here or go to my Trial Offers button in my left menu bar at anytime.

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Delores said...

Once again, thanks! Who doesn't like "free" money?! Got it in Yahoo calendar to cancel.

Nate @ Debt-free Scholar said...

This is great!


Danielle Miller said...

Thanks! I've been thinking about joining for a while and now I have a good excuse. I signed up through Mr. Rebates though. Gave me a $15 bonus at Mr. Rebates. And it's something I'll probably use after the free trial.

Dan & Janel said...

Yay! I'm mentioned in a post!! :)

If you're going to keep this service, be sure to click through cashbaq using the coupon offer of $80 in free stuff (scale, postage, etc). I think you have to keep it 2 months to receive the scale, and then the postage comes over a few months of paid months. Still haven't done a trial, waiting to do it with a online offer!

Steph said...

Hi Carrie,
I loved, very convenient for me in the sticks but expensive. Is this deal for first time subscribers or can I sign up again even though I've had it in the past.

Carrie @ said...


I haven't seen anywhere where it clarifies.

You can either send Cashbaq and email to check or call

I do know, I get a new Please Come Back disk about every 4 to 6 months after I am no longer a member anymore.

I just got one and signed back up again. So, even if this deal ends up not working for you...hold tight. You should get a Please Come Back request soon.

Mary said...

Hi carrie!
I have a question(little dense sometimes :)Why do I just not cancel after the 4 week trial? Is there a reason to pay for a month after that?

Carrie @ said...


You can. You will still get the $5. But, you will not get the $20. That is only for those who stay beyond the trial.

Kisha said...

I know that this post is months old, but I just thought I'd follow up on it. I signed up for this and it totally didn't work. (No fault of yours, of course!) Cashbaq said that told them I didn't click through their link, which I made sure that I did. Anyway, I called to ask them about it last week and got nowhere, so after I printed all my available stamps today, I called to cancel my membership. I was only too happy to (nicely) explain again why I was canceling, and she transferred me to the customer relations department, where I explained it all again (and again and again..he seemed to have trouble understanding what was going on.) We were about to cancel the account when he finally suggested that he could give me the $20 in free postage. I was totally fine with that, and then he offered to send me another welcome kit with more stamp labels in it to use with that $20 postage credit. Soooo... persistence paid off in the long run. :)

If anyone else had this problem, it never hurts to ask!

Thanks again, Carrie!