Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Undies & Bag from Aerie Plus More!

We all know how I love newsletters and loyalty programs!! Seriously, every store you go into, ask them if they have a free newsletter list or loyalty club, and sign up!! In fact, you should have a "deals" email account set up so all your customer loyalty newsletters and deals will be consolidated in one spot and NOT interfere with your personal email.

Soo....what did I get in my email account today? A coupon for a free pair of $7.50 undies from Aerie ( a division of American Eagle ). Plus, they say you will get a free item every month. What is it this month? A free summer tote. You get a punch card and every month you get to go in and get a free item. If you miss a month, you make sure to stop in. Also, a free gift on your birthday!

Here are the details:

  • Stop into your Aerie store by March 18th and sign up for the aerie a-list.
  • Sign up here for their e-newsletter
  • Print the coupon sent to you or print this generic one here.

Enjoy your free underwear and free products, and remember....check out those customer loyalty programs everytime you shop.

Free True Blue Travel Size Item - Bath & Body Works

Don't forget about Bath & Body Works loyalty newsletter either! If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that they send coupons out for free items quite often. I usually stockpile these freebies and save as teacher gifts, to make a nice little assortment.

Sign up here for their newsletter.

Then, print this coupon. ( thanks Money Saving Mom )

Remember, you get it free with purchase. But, you can purchase a very low priced item. I always buy the $1 gift bag ( who can't use an extra gift bag ).


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1 comment:

Lorrie Briggs said...

I went with my mom today and we both signed up at Aerie. She was so sweet and let me pick out a pair of undies in her place. I got 2 cute pairs. They had a ton to choose from.
I was also excited when they told me that they can order any pair of pants in the store in LONG with free shipping to my house. That is huge for me since I am 5'10". Now if they could only make the dresses a bit longer.