Friday, March 13, 2009

Free 8 Piece Salad Set from Brylane Home!

Another great deal from Brylane Home! Love these! Today we can get a free 8 Piece Salad Set for free. So cute!

And, for all of you who did these offers in the past with me, when I signed up and ordered today, the Shopper Discount and Rewards company again offered me a free trial w/ the $10 code. So, I ordered a 2nd order.

Since we all did these offers with Mr. Rebates before, I did it with Ebates this time. Why? I wanted to test and see if you would get credit....thus get another $5 Sign On Bonus if a new member, too. And, I did get credit.

First, Ebates is offering the $5 sign on bonus code for new members plus 3% back for Brylane Home. Yay! If you are already a member of Ebates, I recommend signing in thru Mr. Rebates instead, as they pay 5% instead.

Second, Shopper Discount and Rewards is the company that popped up on this offer to offer a $10 free code. Love it!

So, here are my step by step instructions for this deal:
  • Click here to sign up or log in w/ Ebates ( get $5 Bonus if new member )
  • Go to Brylane Home from the Ebates or Mr. Rebates site
  • Click on the Clearance tab on Brylane Home. I went to the $9.99 or less to find my item
  • Upload your item to your cart. I went for the Utensils. Why?
  • Go to checkout.
  • Enter code BHK8PCSET
  • The salad set will load after you enter the code and the price of it will be deducted
  • Finish Check out. Shipping is $4.99. Total of $12.98 for my products.
  • Sign up for free trial that pops up for Shopper Discounts and Rewards and get $10 credit.
  • Remember to mark your calendar for a few days before 30 days, so you have a month to decide whether you like this trial program or not.
  • Go back to Mr. Rebates and log back into Brylane Home
  • Order something for $10 or less and enter the certificate # from Shopper Discounts and Rewards
  • Get that item free ( I ordered the knife set and owed 48 cents )
  • Log back into Shopper Discounts and Rewards and look for your Monthly $10 Bonus ( this is different than your $10 Gift Certificate you just used ).
  • Email a copy of your FIRST order to
  • $10 Check will be mailed to you at the address you registered.
  • After I get that $10 rebate, I will have paid approx. $3 for 2-8 Pc Salad Sets, a knife set and a utensil set.

Again, whenever you can knock some gifts off your list for free or cheap, it is a good time to buy.

Please note: Make sure you send the rebate in via email the day you do it, so they have a whole month to process.

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busy mom said...

hi Carrie, do you use the same email for both of these?

Anonymous said...

I just tried this and it said that code was invalid! I'm so disappointed!

busy mom said...

hi carrie,
I went to try to use my Reservation Rewards number toward my savings and it did not take it. I have to copy this and send it in , is that right? This is $10 from last month.
I was hoping to use it toward this purchase.
oh yeah, don't forget that if you pay through paypal card - you get a extra percent back and
also you get points per purchase that you can trade in for other gifts through Reservation Rewards.
I could use the visa-LOL.

Carrie @ said...


The coupon is still working.

I just tried it again, and it took it.

Make sure you entered it correctly!

Carrie @ said...


I used the same deals account.

If you are trying to use your $10 code from last month, it may be expired.

I believe you only have 30 days to use them. Is it past your 30 days?

Are you still a member of Reservatin Rewards? It also won't work if you cancelled your account.

Did you not get the new invite to another company?

busy mom said...

I am still a member , I didn't cancel.
I just re read reservatin rewards maybe after I buy then I mail them a copy of the $10 and they will send it back to me. I am not sure. I am still within the 30 days.

Carrie @ said...


Yes, this is true.

You should have originally gotten a $10 code to use on an order. Hopefully you used that right away.

Then, in addition, you get $10 EVERY month you are a member. Simply send a copy of your order receipt and they will rebate you a check for the $10.

If you don't use it one month, you do forfeit that month's $10, though.

Jaime said...

This is a lot to keep up with! Using e-bates or when I shop online, remembering to go through Reservation Rewards, etc... How do you keep it all straight? How do you remember to use which website and when to mail in what to where?! :-) It's confusing!

I did go through and chose the same items you did, although I did it in the reverse order, which, for some reason, made my total (after I get my $10 check) $5 something instead of $3 something. No big deal, though.

So, how do I cancel my Shoppers Discounts and Rewards membership, should I decide it's too much to keep up with?

busy mom said...

Hi Carrie , I called reservatin rewards
and the person that answered acted strange like he didn't know anything about the rewards program and he said it was a one time deal. On the page with the reward states that you will get one each mo.
anyway he gave me a pin # ( very long)well it doesn't work. I should have a number and pin( 4 digits) and he checked and said my $10 for the mo. was still good.
I emailed the company and ask them about this-- I am waiting to hear back from them.

oh through reservatin rewards, they have restuarnts that you can print out a coupon for and get 10 pts. for each one and movies and more.

I told my hubby about one of the places to eat and he ask me to print it out, so we get 10 pts. and buy a dinner get the 2nd free.

Carrie @ said...


Everything I do, I log immediately in my planner and electronic planner ( email ).

I have been doing this stuff so long, it just comes natural. :-)

You can use any website you want...ebates or mr. rebates. I just always like to search thru all of the cash back sites to see who is paying the highest, so I get the most back. I only added ebates this time, for those readers who did the deal before and wanted another $5 bonus.

Otherwise, I would soley recommend Mr. Rebates.

You don't need to mail anything. As SOON as you place your order, immediately email the order confirmation email you get from Brylane Home. That is it. You should do this all in one sitting.

If you go to cancel, log into your Shoppers account and go to the contact us tab. There are instructions there on how to cancel.

Jaime said...

I looked around and couldn't find how to cancel, but I didn't try the "contact us" tab. Thanks so much!

Thanks for taking the time to post these tips and walk us through step-by-step. :-) I will think of you every time I use my salad set and then when I wrap the other one for Christmas, too! :-)

Your time and efforts are appreciated!

Josh and Amanda said...

Thanks for the great info! I made my purchases and signed up for shopper discount and rewards. I got the $15 cash back award. I was then able to sign up with reservation rewards, and I was offered the $15 cash back award and the $10 monthly. I was thinking about making 2 more purchases, but I am wondering if I will get the money back from both companies. Are they connected?

Carrie @ said...


Your $10 a month is a rebate. All you do is email a copy of your Brylane Home Order confirmation to

They mail you a check in about a month.

There is no code.

That code the rep gave you was probably your original code you got when you signed up and used immediately, it is only a one time use code.

The rest are all rebates.

Carrie @ said...


I signed up for both last month and had no problems. You just need to make sure each rebate is for a seperate order with each company.

I got both my $10 checks from both companies ( and yes, I believe they are related ). You should be fine.

Rachel from Texas said...

Carrie I did the deals along with you last month. Are we really able to do the trials again? Would I need to use a different email or credit card to do it again or does it let you go through no matter what? Thanks!

Laura said...

I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly before I send the emails for the rebate(s)! I did my first order to the utensil set and got the free salad set. I then clicked for all the sign ups and got three things (1) $10 reward certificate from Reservation Rewards (2) $10 member bonus (rebate) from Reservation Rewards AND (3) $15 cash back award (rebate) from Shoppers Discount & Rewards. I used the $10 reward certificate to place a second order - incidentally I wanted a more expensive item but was able to use a 25% off promotional code in addition to the certificate to make my balance low. So my question is, now that I have two orders in place and both rebates want me to email the receipt, which receipt do I send to which rebate? Thanks for the clarification! Laura

Laura said...

Me again, one other very specific question (can you tell I'm nervous about doing this right?) - do you forward the email receipt with the email's day/time showing, or do you remove that. Reason I ask is they say on your next purchase, so can they tell one receipt is previous purchase based on the time if you leave it on the email, but if you take it off, then I don't see that the receipt has any order date on it, so how would they know when it was from. Please let me know what has worked for you. Thank you. Laura

Carrie @ said...


I was shocked when it popped up for me again.

I used the same email and credit card and the offer popped back up.

Can't promise it will for everyone ( remember, if it doesn't pop up, click on the link on the order confirmation page under your total before you close it )

But, yes, it worked again. It reissued me a new $10 code, which I used for my 2nd order. I won't complain!

Carrie @ said...


I always send my very FIRST receipt in for the rebate. I just take the exact email order confirmation they send me and forward it to the email address they instruct us to. I don't do anything with adding dates, deleting dates, etc...just forward the order confirmation from Brylane Home.

In regards to everything else you got, I have never gotten all that before. My Shoppers club only comes with the $10 code ( which I use for my 2nd order ) and 1 $10 rebate a month. You get 2 $10 rebates a month? Wow. I am jealous.

If that is the case, you would need to send a seperate order confirmation for each ( thus a seperate order ).

In regards to the Reservation Rewards, too, I have only ever gotten $10 to that...and I didn't get that this time, either.

You really made out..that is amazing. 3 - $15 rebates? Crazy. You can call them on Monday to verify how to redeem those, because I have never seen that.

Keep me posted. I will be curious how it says to redeem those, and I would love to know.

Congrats on hitting the Trial Offer Lottery. :-) Seems like you made out like crazy!

Stacy said...


Is there any problem with signing up for the free trial again with these companies if we signed up and then cancelled last month? Have you ever had any problems with doing it all over again the next month? It all worked out great last month, I'm just wondering where I just cancelled if that would be a problem.


Carrie @ said...


In all honesty, I don't know.

I just did it for the 2nd time on Friday.

They offered me the free trial again at the end, so I took it again.

They immediately gave me the free $10 code, which I used on my 2nd order, and it went thru OK.

So, really, it all just comes down to whether they issue me the $10 rebate check again.

I'll definitel post when the $10 rebate comes in ( it will be included in my Week In Review ) once it hits.

I figured, even if that $10 doesn't come thru, I still got a knife set, 2 salad sets and a utensil set for $12 approx. Not a bad deal even if I don't get the $10 rebate. :-)

Laura said...

Oh no, I didn't strike the lottery! Too good to be true usually it; don't worry, I didn't get all that you think I did. I realize now that I made a newbie mistake which mislead you about the quantities I got, I only intended to be listing the items, not indicating quantity. I just meant to list that I got one each of: a $10 certificate from Reserv. Reward., a $10 rebate from Reserv. Reward, and a $15 rebate from Shoppers Discount (sounds like mine came opposite from yours since my certificate came from the Reservation Rewards). So what you are saying is to email the first order (not purchased with the certificate) for the first $10 rebate, in my case Reservation Rewads. But the $15 rebate with the other Shoppers, do you send the same $10 (non-certificate) order or do I send the second order on which I used the $10 certificate? My apologies for the confusion! Laura

Rachel from Texas said...

Wow Laura you are really confusing LOL. I'm not sure what half of what you said meant but the thing I did understand... the order that you use a certificate to pay, you do NOT email this in for a reward since it shows that you paid with a certificate. Unless you went over and paid money out of pocket then I guess you could. This is what I did last time:

First purchase paid money and RR popped up. Second purchase paid with certificate that I got from RR and SD popped up. Third purchase paid money. I forwarded the First purchase to RR for my monthly $10 bonus. I also forwarded that same order to SD (yes it was technically before I was a member but it still went through) for my monthly bonus there. Then I forwarded my Third order to SD for my $15 bonus. Overall, I paid $37-something oop for everything and got back $35 in rebate checks. I got an omelet pan, 2 summer serving sets, a quilted throw, and 2 3piece tote bag sets for less than $3!

Laura said...

Eeks, this whole thing is confusing my brain! I need to send those emails so I can stop fretting. So, it is okay to send the same first purchase receipt to both RR and SD for rebate?

Rachel from Texas said...

Yes it is. I did last time and did receive my checks from both :)

Laura said...

Thank you for all your help Carrie & Rachel; I've finally got all my emails out now. While I was feeling brave, I also ordered a subscription to All You magazine and am sending that to Reservation Rewards for the Magazine Reward. Now I'll just have to wait and see what comes (and not forget to cancel - I've got 3 calendars marked!) Thanks again!

Mark and Stephanie Stonis said...

Okay--I have read all these responses over and over again :) I placed my first order and it cost $14.98 then I signed up for the pop up which was RR, then on the confirmation page I got another pop up and signed up for SD--SD gave me a $15.00 rebate, but no instant code. RR gave me a $10 instant code, so I used that to do my second order which cost me $.48--then I forwarded my 1st order to SD for the $15 rebate. So, technically I still have a $10 monthly bonus to use for RR and for SD, right? Am I pushing my luck to do 2 more orders and forward those for the monthly bonus' for each company?

Rachel from Texas said...

The SD offer differs. The $15 code is the one I was offered last time. What you can do is order one more time and send that order in for the $15 rebate through them. Then use your original first order for the monthly SD rebate AND the monthly RR deal. Does that make sense? Of course you could do another order also if that makes you feel more comfortable it just wouldn't be as great of a deal.

Don't be confused by what other people are saying because some people are offered a different deal from SD... $10 off your next order (like the RR deal) plus the $10 monthly rebate. But like I said, this is a different offer, you did not miss anything, you just got a different deal :)

Rachel from Texas said...

Oh oops, I meant that you could do a third transaction and send that to SD for your monthly $10 rebate (because you already did your $15).

Don't forget to send in your original order in for RR monthly too.

busy mom said...

I purchased 2 of these last night and I emailed them the confirmation of what I bought plus a mag. that I had got on line . I still have my membership with reservatin rewards with 80 pts. now. , but this morning I received a email from Shopper Discounts & Rewards Customer
is this the one that I should cancel? Since I was a member already I didn't expect to get this email and it came with the $10 code on it for my next purchase w/ brlyan homes.
I am just a little confused.
Thanks for your help.

Rachel from Texas said...

You don't have to cancel if you like the program and feel it's worth the monthly fee. But both RR and SD cost a certain amount of money per month. So you get as much out of them as you can then at the end of the trial, decide if it is worth your money to keep the service or if you want to cancel.

busy mom said...

I received both of my orders by last sat. sorry I forgot to post that. I really like them(very cute). I also got confirmed emails for the $10 rebate checks and a $10 gift cert. to use toward my next purchase. Thanks Carrie .
Oh yeah, I got my % from Mr. Rebate too, and I printed out the coupon from reservatin rewards( I am still a member from last mo.) and my hubby and I got a nice steak dinner for half the price-wow. I have one more printable left so I am not sure if I will print the bogo for ice cream for the kids or for hubby and I to go out again. I also sent in a magazine order to see if I get a reabte back from it. All that for $12 a mo. Everything is free or almost free.
Thanks Carrie, I am ready for next mo. offer from them.

busy mom said...

Carrie, a quick up - I recieved 3 rebate checks in the mail today from reservtaion rewards( when You sign up with brylane home) remember it $12 per mo.
well I got 2-$10 and 1-$12.00 rebate check today. The $12 is from a magazine that I got and email then were it showed the balance b/c they pay up to $14 (I think).

then on my emails , I have 2 $10 gift cert. for any purchase for brlyane homes.

I really like the salad bowls from the last order plus the knife set and spatual.

I wonder what the free item will be for april?

Oh yeah, I printed out the bogo dinner coupon and it was real nice and my acct. shows 10 more points.
I will print out a bogo for ice cream for the kids the 31st. that is another extra 10pts.
all this is not counting the extra percent back from Mr. rebate.

Thanks Carrie!!!

Laura said...

I'm the one who was so nervous and baffled, but today I can say it worked!!! In the mail today was $10 check from RR, $15 check from SD, and $10 check from SD! Wow!!! I had spent total of $17.71 from Brylane Home in two orders, but that's $35 back! Not to mention I like the items I bought. I still have time before the trial's over, so I'm going to hope my magazine rebate comes through by then too. Awesome, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am new to this whole process. I followed the directions (the BHK8PCSET code is still good today, 4/21), except the pop-up for Shopper Discounts and Rewards did not appear. I have my pop-ups enabled (blocker disabled). Can I look for this Shopper Discounts and Rewards on the internet and sign-up to get the $10 credit and $10 bonus?

Carrie @ said...

Look at your checkout page, and look under your total to see if there is a spot that says get a $10 credit here.

You can click on that link.

If the link isn't there and you didn't get the pop up, there could be a couple of reasons.

If you have signed up with them or any of their sister companies, they may not be offering you their program.

Or, the offer may not be available anymore. This post was from over a month ago, so they may have taken that bonus program down since I posted this deal.

Let us know if you find the link on your checkout page.

Summer said...

Just tried today and says code expired or no longer available.

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Summer. I will take the link down from the Trial Offers page.