Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Reusable Shopping Bag!

Lovin' this deal!

I enjoy using recyclable bags at the grocery stores for many reasons. I am helping the environment and I get 3 cents per bag I bring in. This doesn't sound like a lot, but last year I saved $20 by brining my bags. It is no extra work and it is $20! And, I hadn't even been doing it the whole year!

But, I currently only have 3 bags ( which I have gotten free ), so I am still trying to build my supply. And, I am excited to get another free bag!

Simply sign up for free to be a member of Delallo's e-newsletter here. Please remember to set up and seperate email account for deals and send your e-newsletter there.

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The Thrifty Geek said...

Thanks! I love reusable shopping bags. I use my Kroger ones all the time. They give credit for gas when you use them. Every penny helps.

Suz said...

Thanks! Do you have to live in their area to get one? I'm going to sign up anyway and see if I get one too :)

Carrie @ said...


I am not sure. But, worth a try, in my book.

We aren't out anything if it doesn't come. :-)

Although, I really want it! Love my bags.

Suz said...

nevermind... guess I thought Delallo was a grocery store. :) Their site didn't mention the bag, but signed up anyway.

I need a few of these bags.. haven't been able to get any free ones, and certainly don't want to pay for them. Shouldn't the stores be giving these away anyway? They're walking advertisements!!

Carrie @ said...

They should...I agree!! :-)

Looks like they already took the deal off their site.

It might be worth it to still sign up and see if you get it, though.