Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free Photos & Ongoing Great Rates - Ritz Pix!

Ready for some more free photos?

As we all know, it takes no time at all for digital photos to pile up on our cameras, computers or disks.

So, periodically, I will be bringing you a new site to go get some free photos printed.

And, I will also include all deals that are still running. Simply go to my Free Photos webpage by clicking the button in the left menu bar at anytime or click here.

Today I wanted to focus on Ritz Pix again.

Originally, I told you about the 16 free prints with $0 shipping if you pick up in the store ( and they have them ready in 1 hour or less ). And, thankfully, that deal is still going on. So, click here to take advantage.

Ritz Pix 16 Free Prints

BUT, why I wanted to introduce this company again is that all of us, at times, need more than 16 prints, right?

Almost all of the free prints I share with you from many different companies still require shipping. And, once shipping is added in to the free prints, you are generally spending anywhere from 5 cents to 10 cents per print. This IS a great deal, don't get me wrong!

But, what do we do once we have exhausted all the free print offers and we still need more prints for our scrapbooks, albums, etc?

Well, I am happy to share with everyone that EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday...Ritz Pix sells their prints for 6 cents each with no shipping charges if you pick them up in the store!! Yay!! This means, you can catch up on all the prints you need at one time for approx the same cost you would spend with all the "free" print offers from the other companies.

To get in on this deal, you must click here ( this is a separate site vs. the link above ) and you will see the advertisement on the right side. Every Tuesday/Wednesday, simply order your prints! I'll try to post a reminder most I remember. :-)

Don't have a store nearby? Don't worry, it is only 9 cents to have them shipped ( still a very good price )

What other deals are out there right now?

And, more!!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know where I can get my signature set up for my posts without buying a slate for just that. I would like to have that but don't see the sense in spending the money...just curious and thought I would start asking.

Carrie @ said...


What do you mean?

Like where it says Carrie on the bottom of my posts each time?

Simply type your name in Photoshop or whatever Photo editing software you have on your PC the way you like it. Make sure it is against a background the same color as your blog.

Crop it down as small as you can, near the words.

Then, save it as a jpg or bitmap.

Then, upload it to a photobucket account ( set a free account up if you don't haveone ).

It will give you an actual url for your photo then.

Take that url and go to settings in blogger. Save it to the bottom of your post, so it will show up automatically everytime.

Hope that is what you meant.

Kimberley H said...

Just wanted to let you know that your link to Ritzpix for the tuesday/wednesday deal is broken - doesn't work. :)

Carrie @ said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kimberley!

I will go fix it now.