Monday, March 30, 2009

$50 from Bank of America

Thank you so much to Evelyn for writing and letting me know about the $50 Bonus from Bank of America.

Want to know more about Bank Offers and see all current that are available? Click here or go to my Bank Offers button in the left menu bar.

Just want to get your feet wet and not worry about Direct Deposits, etc? Sharebuilder ( $25 ), ING Direct ( $25) or College Advantage ( $25 ) are all good ones to begin with when starting. They are small investments and well worth getting $75 free between them all.

Now, on to this week's current bonus:

Bank of America

  • Open a MyAccess Online Checking Account w/ code GROUP50
  • Deposit a minimum of $25 within 30 days of account opening
  • Within approx 50 days, your $50 bonus will be deposited

Please note: this is one of the banks that you will want to call and talk to a customer representative. Why? I have heard rumors online that Bank of America does a hard pull.

Now, whether this is for this specific checking or not, I am not positive, but if you are concerned about it..please verify with the bank before opening your account.

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Lorie said...

I worked for them a few years ago and if you do not already have a banking relationship with them (credit card, mortgage, or other account) then they will do a hard pull. At least they did when I worked there. And there is no way for the banker to get around it.

Now any and all of that may have changed since I worked there.

Anonymous said...

I tried to do this one and it said that the offer code was expired. Too bad :(

Anonymous said...


busy mom said...

This really works with bank of america ,I did this last before I found carrie's site. I enjoyed that extra $50. I am still with bank of america, so I don't think that I could do that deal again.

Carrie @ said...

You may try calling the bank to see if it is still active. I just saw a commercial on TV for it last night. They may have started a new call and check with them.

Cincinnati Cents said...

I have awarded you the Lemonade Stand Award for having a positive and helpful blog. You can check out the details here: