Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekly Online Offers Update!

Well, I have decided to do a weekly Saturday special for all of you Online Offer enthusiasts out there. I get so many emails weekly asking if any new offers are available, what happened to old ones, etc, that I thought this would save all of us time and allow everyone the same opportunity to see what is currently new and fresh in the world of online offers.

I used to only update the Online Offers page at the beginning of every month, but I have decided that weekly will be more beneficial to everyone....especially since there are so many of us taking part in them now.

I will still only do the monthly Congrats post, though, so make sure to send me an email with your picture or leave a comment in the Blogger Bragger post when your gifts arrive, so I can add you to the monthly list. Last month we had over $10,000 in gas and VISA/Mastercard gift cards received by is so exciting!

And, with that are this week's new Online Offers:

IDeal - 123 Click

IDeal - eSolutions Media

IDeal - Top Notch

As always, please read the terms/conditions before starting and verify whether the offer is a Do It Yourself or a Referral. You can do either, but please ensure it is the type of offer you want before you begin.

And, as soon as new Netblue or Nuitech sites become active, I will update those on my weekly post as well.

Enjoy your weekend,

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Steph said...

Thanks Carrie.
I will be starting a new offer Monday now that I got my first reward! I was wondering if you ever considered putting together a FAQ page for the Online Offers? I feel bad asking you questions that I know you've probably answered before but I can't find in all the comments.

Carrie @ said...


That is an excellent idea.

I will try and work on one next week and get it posted on the Online Offers page by the end of the month.

Thanks for the suggestion!

megs92 said...

Hi Carrie, I came over from thrifty mama's site and I am absolutely intrigued by these online deals! My sister is getting married this summer and this would be a great way to get them a terrific gift (on a budget). One question I'd like to add to the FAQ page you're working on is: what are some of the best offers to try? Especially for newbies? I've noticed that many of the online deals have the same offers (weight loss, Netflix, coffee, Disney, etc.). Which ones are less expensive/more worth it than others? Thanks so much for all of the information already on your site. You've got me thinking about trying this out!
Many thanks,

LB said...

your site is amazing!! I just did my first offer, and I am eagerly waiting to get approved and receive my Visa gift card! My question has to do with parent sites. I think that you said that you can't do more than one offer with the same parent site in a 6 month time frame. How do I know what the parent site is?

Carrie @ said...


That is a VERY common question and will definitely go in my FAQ section when it is done.

And, my answer...I am not allowed to instruct others on what offers to do. :-(

Since I take part in these offers myself, any assisting ( outside of what others could find out in the terms/conditions anyway ) in regards to what offers to do, how long to keep them, etc is a no-no.

My best answer is always that everyone should always try and find offers that are interesting to them. This way, they are legitimately trying these products and testing them...maybe even finding some you like!! :-)

Each household is different, and as you do more of will find you will have tried almost all of them at some point pick your favorites now and enjoy!

Stacy said...

Carrie, I have a question in regards to referral offers. If a friend and I both do the offer, do we both get the reward? or does the friend I refer also have to refer someone??

megs92 said...

Hi Carrie, that makes sense! I'll just do some research on which offers would suit me the best. My husband and I are pretty environmentally conscious, so we'll want to pick things that don't include a lot of "waste." Other than the "lose 10 lbs in 10 minutes" ones, most look pretty interesting and a few definitely worth it (i.e. I've always wanted to try Netflix). Thanks again for all the help!

Carrie @ said...


The friend you refer will also have to refer someone, too.

So, it is somewhat of a chain effect, as you can see...someone will always end up being last.

And, you still have the 60 day time frame to get your referral with IDeal, which makes it even harder

Tshanina said...

I looked back at your bragger blog and am wondering how some people got two of the same cards. Love your site.

Carrie @ said...

Those are usually only 1 offer. For example, my $500 Gas Cards came as 2 - $250 cards. So, there pictures show 2, but it is all from one offer.

Crystal said...

Hey Carrie, are you around this evening? I'm getting ready to start my first offer. I'm ding the $500 Visa gift card and T Shirt Deal. I looked at the offers pages and all the offers look the same, so I'm a little confused. It says do 2, 2, and 4, but on each of the pages all the offers look the same. Does this mean anything?

Tshanina said...

I have another question. The terms and conditions state that you can only receive offers totaling $1,000 every six months. Does this mean just the Ideal - Top Notch or does it mean all Ideal offers? I have just completed my first offer and was looking for another one. Thank you for your help.

busy mom said...

I have a small question, On some of the offers that have trail periods, such as 7 days- 14 days or 30 days . When You call and cancel 3-5 days before the days are up does it go against you getting the gift card or does it still count? I saw one with 8 things you have to do but most were with free trials. Thanks