Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Money Saving Methods on the Radio!!

Well, as you may have noticed, I had a welcome post to any new readers from Sunny 95. Yesterday they had aired an interview with me during their morning show where I was graciously asked to share information on Online Offers with their listeners.

So, if you have always wondered what the voice behind all these typed words sounds like, you can click here to listen to my live ( OK..I mean recorded ) interview. Scroll down and you will see Money Saving Methods in the right menu of podcasts.

It was a fun opportunity, even if I listened and cringed. I mean, who really likes the sound of their own voice? It sounds completely different in my own head.

But, I was excited to share with new readers/listeners and thrilled to spread the word on Online Offers. I mean, we all know how much I love them and all!!

Please be nice! :-) I know my voice shook a little bit, and I tried not to talk too fast...AND, I misheard them at one point and thought they were teasing me about being on ( when really they were teasing Dino )....but all in was tons of fun! Even my kids were great and didn't scream in the background. I was so nervous they would!

Finally, a big thanks to Shawn and Dino for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to share on their program!

By the way, does anyone know if I can download this podcast and save to my computer? I would love to save it!

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Sherri H. said...

Carrie, you sounded great!! I know what your saying about hearing ou own voice though. I wish I could edi myself out of all of our home videos.:)

Nancy said...

Carrie, great interview - you might contact them to have them correct your blog address - they have it misspelled.

Good Job!

Andrea @ Mommy said...

Carrie - is that what you sound like? Just kidding (I was with you for a long ride, I do know). You sounded awesome! Seriously, you have a great radio voice too!!!

The interview was very organized and you were thorough yet to the point. Loved it!!


BTW - here's a direct link to the podcast in case they move it off the page at some point:

Kimberley H said...

Carrie, Wow, that was a great interview! You did a fantastic job! (and you sounded wonderful too!:) You should be proud. Thanks for sharing it with us. Gee - maybe you're famous now, huh!? :)
-- Kimberley, a loyal reader

Holly C. said...

You sounded great! I think you should have been on longer.