Monday, February 23, 2009

Bank Offers - Sovereign Bank, PNC Bank and Citizens

Wow. I have been way behind on posting the bank deals! And, I need to get the information out on all three of these, because they expire this week.

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So, let's get started:

Sovereign Bank - $100 Bonus

  • Open a Premier or Interest account w/ a Checkcard by February 27th
  • $10 or more deposit required
  • Must make 6 checkcard purchases within 60 days of account opening
  • $100 will be deposited 15 days after the 60 day period has opened

Click here to send me an email and request a welcome email.

Citizens Bank - $50 Bonus

  • Open a new Citizens Bank Statement Savings Account by February 27th
  • Must open with a minimum of $50
  • Automatic transfer of $50 or more per month must be set up
  • Account must have a balance of at least $200 by May 31st
  • After your first 3 months of saving, $50 will be deposited.

Click here to sign up and read all the terms/conditions.

Thanks to Janet. F for emailing me both of these deals!

PNC Bank - $75 Bonus

  • Open a New Personal Checking Account
  • $500 Direct Deposit must hit by April 30th
  • $75 bonus will hit 7 days after 1st direct deposit

Click here to apply and read all the details.

And, stay tuned. I will bring you more bank offers next week! With March fast approaching, I am sure some of these Banking Institutions will have more amazing deals for us.

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Delores said...

Thanks! I may just do these. But, I have a question first: how easy is it to close these accounts? Do you just keep them all open and use them?


Carrie @ said...

Some I keep, some I have closed. It depends what the bank offers and whether it is worthwhile to me and my family.

For example, one of the Bank Accounts I have right now also has bonuses for certain purchases, etc, so I have kept that one.

Another one, though, charges a fee once I stopped direct deposit, so I got rid of that one.

It just all depends, really.

I have never had trouble closing an account. Not to say how these banks will be, but usually it only take about 10 minutes to close it out and get your closing deposit given back to you.

Always make sure to read terms. Some banks require you remain a member a certain amount of time, or they will take away your bonus. Usually, it seems to run about 6 months.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

My husband does these all the time. He sets them up for our family AND for the birthfamilies of our children (all adopted). I've sent an email via his account for the Sov bank link. If you need links for Virtual bank, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

I am interested in doing the Sovereign bank offer. Could you send me the information to Thank you

Margie Pe'au.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm interested in the Sovereign Bank offer. Could you send the info to me at I tried to email you through the link above, but it wouldn't work. Thanks so much.

Carrie @ said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks. I already had a referral to Virtual Bank and hope to write about it soon...maybe next week.

Thanks so much for the offer. If you find anymore, please send them my way...would gladly be your referral