Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100 + Bonus Points for Hallmark Rewards

Do you remember in December when I stopped in Hallmark because they had a great sale going on for my son's Webkins at Hallmark? Click here to read. Well, while there, I of course asked if they had a loyalty program, and they did.

So, I signed up for Crown Rewards free and immediately received my first set of points for buying my product while there. Plus, my receipt had a $2 off any coupon attached ( yeah ! ).

Yesterday, I got my first mailing from the Crown Rewards program and they informed me that if I registered online OR updated my information online, they would give me 100 bonus points!! So, I did!

Plus, they also attached a coupon for 200 bonus points with my next purchase. It expires 60 days from the date on my letter. So, I plan to hold onto this coupon in case they have any great sales again, like this one back in December. Why not get an extra 200 points, if I can! I don't normally shop Hallmark, but you know how I am with deals...if one pops up, I will be there.

How many points do you need to get your first $5 certificate? 1500. So, I have a ways to go. But, for every 3 cards you buy, you get 100 points. Plus, you obviously get points for any merchandise you purchase ( there are a few exceptions...stamps, the terms )

But, either way, I love rewards programs. And, I love getting free points to them. You just never know when you will have accumulated enough, even while sale shopping, to get more free items!

While you are on the Hallmark subject, don't forget to click here and enter their $4,000 plus a year of cards giveaway. In reading the terms, it appears this is open to anyone, whether you are getting married or not.

Want to join Hallmark Crown Rewards for free? Click here. Remember to have the newsletters sent to your "deals" email account.

Would you like the 100 Bonus Points, too? Then, here is the spot for that.


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Queen of the Urban Jungle said... is having a 99% off sale on select items. i bought a bunch of christmas & baby shower gifts! items & details are posted on my page. happy wednesday! :)