Friday, January 30, 2009

More Prescription Coupons

Sorry I am late in getting this posted. My posts are always backed up on my desk. :-)

But, I did want to remind everyone there are some great Prescription Coupons out there right now. And, don't forget, these coupons become wonderful money makers or savers, depending on the cost of your prescriptions.

Click here to read how I make money on this method and to see links for all the current coupons right now.

So, what are the coupons you need to make sure you have before Saturday is over?

  • Walgreens - $25 for Transferred Prescriptions thru April 26th, 2009. Click here. You can run in the front of your Walgreens to pick up this weeks fliers ( or a few ) to grab some coupons. Even though you can print it, I recommend at least having a few hard copies on hand. Why? Many other pharmacies, such as CVS, will honor transferred coupons. But, I have run into a few problems at mine where they will not honor competitor printable coupons. So, I always have hard copies, too.
  • Rite Aid - $25 Transferred Coupon good thru 2/28/09. Click here.

  • Meijer - $10 off gas or next shopping trip for NEW or Transferred Prescriptions - expires 2/28/09. Again, run to the front of the store and pick up the weekly ads before end of day Saturday, when the new ones come out. This is a good one to have because it is for New prescriptions, too. They are invaluable, because alot of coupons are only for transferred.

  • 6 - $15 Off NEW or Transferred Prescriptions from Meijer. I loved when I got my Entertainment Book. Yeah! In the Dayton Ohio and Cincinnati Ohio books, they had two full pages of Meijer coupons in the front. Included are 6 $15 Prescription coupons for New or Transferred. PLUS, 3 $5 off $50 coupons. Click here to order your book.

How to Get your Entertainment Book Free or Cheap

Want an Entertainment Book for next to nothing, instead of buying directly online? If you are new to Cashbaq, they are giving $5 to join right here. Plus, they give you $10 Cash Back for each book you buy. So, that is $15.

My book normally costs $25, but all books are 35% off right now. So, my price came down to $16.25. Please note: each area's book may cost different.

So, now the price is $1.25 for my book. But, while checking out, if you sign up for next year's book, they give you an additional $5 off. Now, the book is costing $11.25 and I am getting $15 back.

Please note: when ordering the book for next year, if and when you cancel next years subscription, they may reissue the $5 charge to you. In the past, others have said they didn't, but they do state they will. Either way, it is worth a try. Simply remember to mark down on your calendar if you do want to cancel.

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