Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Method Madness Marathon!! Walgreens plus some weekly deals!

I have always categorized Walgreens as its own method, when in fact, it really should be under grocery shopping.

And, going forward, I will be tallying it under Grocery Savings, etc. You will be able to find all details regarding Walgreens Shopping on my Grocery button in the left menu button.

But for today, and for all my new readers that aren't familiar with the program, I wanted to touch briefly on it today.

First, just like I do with my Kroger or Meijer shopping, I personally use the Grocery Game ( please use referral ) to provide me a list each week of all the sale and coupon match ups. BUT, Andrea at Mommy Snacks also has a Walgreens feature, as well. So, if you are just starting with the whole couponing and feel a bit overwhelmed, use either of these two resources to assist you.

Why is Walgreens worthy of it's own Method post?

Because, you will get unbelievable amounts of products free or almost, week after week....month after month.

The reason is they have a Walgreen Easy Rebate Catalog that comes out each month. In that catalog will be items that Walgreens will provide a rebate on. You can click here to view January's Catalog or pick one up at the front of any store.

As you will notice, the first benefit is that if you have your rebate provided to you in the form of a Walgreens Gift Card, they will give you an extra 10%!! That means you are making a bit more money on the rebate.

Also, each month, they have Free After Rebate Items. This month they have Orajel and Revlon, for example. This simply means that if you buy these products, you will get the full price back to you PLUS 10% next month on a Gift Card. now you made money! Yeah!

But, how can you make even more? If you have coupons, you then make an even heftier profit. If I have a $2.00 off Revlon coupon and a $1.00 Coupon for Orajel, I will now make a profit of $3.00 plus 10%. Why? Because Walgreens gives the purchase price back before coupons.

In addition, they have items with a rebate but it won't be necessarily categorized as free. But, many times, if you use your coupon, it then brings the item to free after rebate ( plus profit of 10% )

It all sounds so confusing, but it is not, once you get the hang of it. I buy all my health and beauty products from Drugstores now for free or pretty close to it. I can't remember the last time I paid for toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap, etc.

The first month you do this, you will of course pay out of pocket. You will then be refunded via Gift Card. But, going forward, you should spend very little out of pocket if you roll everything over.

For example, when you go to shop in February next month, you will use the gift card you got from your January purchases to pay for February's order. Thus, you don't spend anything or very little out of pocket. But, you used that gift card. Now, in March, your gift card will be reloaded with the rebates from the February order, and you will use this new money to pay for March. So on and so forth.

Finally, Walgreens has Register Rewards. You will see these advertised or on your grocery lists from the Grocery Game or Mommy Snacks, when available. How they work is simple. You buy a set amount of a product, and they will then give you a Register Reward for $5, as an example. This $5 is printed as a Walgreens coupon and can be used on your next shopping trip ( or split your cart up and use it to pay for part of your products )

By combining all of these simple tricks at Walgreens, you can get a lot of your necessity items for barely anything. This can be a huge cost savings to your family.

So, to kick off this method, here are some new coupons that just came to me tonight and will get you some free items.

Click here to print coupons for Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons on select Walgreens items.

You will notice the Allergy medicine is also part of the rebates this month. If you buy 5 products you get $10 back. There is a large array of Walgreens products, so check the Easy Saver Catalog for a full list. So, now you can buy items at Buy 1 Get 1 and qualify for this rebate.

I did mine online, just because they also have this via an online coupon code and we are all snowed in here. School is cancelled again tomorrow. And, with the online code, Wal-Tussin is available, too. With being winter, I can always use cough medicine. If I have too much, I share with friends or donate.

I also bought two of the Free After Rebate items. I got Revlon Blush and Orajel.

So, my cart worked out like this:

  • 5 - Wal-Tussin - Buy 1 Get 1 at $3.99 = $9.98 ( they gave a discount on the 5th )
  • 1 - Revlon Blush - $9.99
  • 1 - Orajel Cold Sore - $8.49

Total = $29.46

Entered code: WEEKLYAD

This takes the shipping off of orders $25 and above.

BUT, the kicker was when I checked out. They also took another $5 off. The only reason I could come up with was that I had previously entered code HEALTH last week, thanks to a tip from Choyster Cash. This code is for $5 off a $20 order.

Walgreens site does say only one coupon code per order. So, again, not sure why the $5 came off, maybe that code was saved? Or, maybe it is simply part of the WEEKLYAD code, and I was not aware of it. Either way, you can decide which coupon code you would rather use, and will work for your online order.

Either way, my final tally was $25.99. BUT, I will be getting $29.46 plus 10% back. So, I just got all those products free plus made $6.42!!

I hope this gives you a bit of insight to how the program works.



Latte said...

Sigh, isn't Walgreen's the best! Thanks for all the tips!

I love your blog layout!

Oh and I plan on adding you to my blog roll!


Latte said...

that's my TOFF (the organic frugal freak) blog roll-sorry forgot to add that!

Anonymous said...

It appears your extra $5 off was gained by purchasing the 3 Wal-cough items.

Steph said...

i was looking at the easy saver catalog to make sure i ordered the right stuff for the rebate and it says the blush is only available in stores???

Carrie @ said...


Hmmm..I hope I got the right one then. I entered the descprition the same way the book had it, and it came up. And, it was the right price.

I will turn my rebate in and see, I guess. Hope I get it.

Carrie @ said...


I am looking at the catalog again. Where do you see Blush is only in stores? Am I totally missing it?

Marcella said...

Love Walgreens! Just got 8 Skippy PB's, 5 12pks Pepsi, 4 cans Almonds, 6 Extra Gums, Applesauce cups, Doritos, and Cheese Dip for $10.48!!!!! Got to love it!

Thanks for the online tip! Hadn't thought of shopping there online.

Steph said...

at click easysaver catalog "view current offers"

this link should take you directly there:

then scroll down and you will see the offers listed:
FREE After Rebate
Revlon Matte Collection Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Blush or Pencil
Purchase ONE (1). Rebate Limit up to $10. Sales tax is non-refundable.
Product available only at your local Walgreens

Maybe it will still work, let me know if it does if you can't cancel the order. I was excited that i might get some free blush, especially since I couldn't find any of the make-up in the store.

Carrie @ said...


This is the same link I used.

I just logged in again, and mine doesn't say the Product Available only at your local Walgreens.

But, my view of the catalog says the other words the same.

Are you looking at the page with the pictures? I looked there and the little grid section you actually fill out, and I don't see it mention that anywhere?

What page are you on?

Carrie @ said...

By the way, I was on page 37...if you want to see if we are looking at the same page.

I would find it hard to believe the link would be different for different regions...that would be bizarre, but maybe????

Charisse said...

Hi Carrie,
It's snowing here yesterday too.. And the schools are closed today. Where do you live. I am here at Washington DC... Love, love, love your blog. I have to get started with your surveys. I did get the roboform and get new emails too.. It just seems overwhelming and i don't know where to start. Thank you for this wonderful blog

Debbie said...

Plus, don't forget--you can use your Register Rewards at Pubix!

Michelle said...

I have a question - do you have to fill out paperwork everymonth for the rebates?

Carrie @ said...


If you buy your products in store ( which is what I normally do ), it can all be done online. Super easy.

As soon as I get home from the store, that evening I log into my Walgreens account and check off the items I bought and it asks for the receipt number. Then, click save

At the end of the month, Walgreens automaticlly submits it for you. You don't even have to log back in and remember or anything. It is great.

If you buy online, unfortunately, you do need to print out a copy of your receipt and send it in with the center section from the Catalog. You check off what items you bought, mark down your address, etc. Then, mail it.

But, most of the time, you will probably be buying in store, as online doesn't typicall have as good of deals as in store.

Steph said...

At this link I did not click to download the catalog, I scrolled down and where the other offers have a link "view rebate offer details" the revlon (#3) offer says "Product available only at your local Walgreens" (just to be clear) That would be weird if it was different regionally. I have to look for my catalog and it won't let me download it right now to see what it says.

Carrie @ said...

Interesting. I see it now.

I did it based on my catalog. I will have to see if they give me my rebate, and if not, I may have to talk to customer service since the actual Easy Saver Catalog doesn't mention that anywhere.

Not, I will be curious to see.

My profit of $6 may be I spent $4 for all those products. I'll keep you posted so I know for future reference.

Carrie @ said...

Hi Charisse,

It is bitter cold here. I am in Cincinnati, OH.

We are snowed in again hubby even stayed home from that!

Glad you are enjoying my blog, and hope to see you back here often!

Steph said...

i don't understand why it won't work if the product is available to purchase online.

BTW thanks for everything, your blog is great!

E said...

I've never bought anything on line at WAG before. Does your online receipt have a receipt number that you can enter in for the rebate club online as well?

Carrie @ said...


Online purchases have to be submitted the old fashioned way...via mail.

They do not accept online purchases thru their online rebate redemption process yet.

E said...

That's interesting! I already started my Jan rebate online so I will have to pass up on this deal! Thanks for the info.