Monday, January 12, 2009

In the News & Bloggy Friends!

I have so many things I want to blog about, and I am getting so behind. So, I wanted to start with a few fun things going on in my life before I get into all the meaty money saving and making posts.

First, I was so excited to have the opportunity to meet and spend Saturday evening out ( yes, without kids ) with all these wonderful Bloggy Mamas from Ohio.

It was so wonderful to talk to others about what I do everyday and all the ins and outs of blogging. In addition, just to have the support of others and to be able to in turn, support others in their blogging endeavors, too, was such a great feeling.

So, before I unveil our lovely photograph are the ladies and their wonderful blogs. They are in order, by the way, from top left to bottom right. Go visit them...they all have such wonderful content!

In addition, only a couple more weeks to I am off to Blissdom '09 in Nashville!! It will be my first Bloggy Conference, I am so thrilled to be heading out and learning more about the world of blogging! I have been blindly stumbling my way through it for the last year!

Now, on to another little fun event that happened to me recently. I came home from shopping on New Years Eve and had a message from a reporter from the New York Times. I about fell out of my chair.

I was expecting a call from my husband, picked up the phone, and it was the reporter again. We talked for a bit about sale shopping and the Holiday deals and then we were off the phone.

On January 3rd, I was so excited to see my name printed in the paper!! Woo, hoo!

OK..I must admit, it was only one little sentence quoting me, but I didn't care...I was thrilled!! We had been talking about the $50 Dodge deal, the Bath and Body Works coupons for free products, $10 off $10 type coupons where you can get free products, etc.

Unfortunately, the name of my blog wasn't mentioned...but maybe next time I will remember to ask that they use the blog name when interviewing me. It didn't even dawn on me. He asked for my name and city/state. Ooppsss...on my part!

The article is actually quite interesting. It talks about all sorts of deals around the US that manufacturers are using to get customers thru the doors and shopping! There is even a dealer offering a Buy 1 Car get 1 Free! Wow!

Click here to read.

Finally, my last update...I am finally tweeting on twitter!!! Unbelievable...I didn't think I would ever get around to getting out there. So, if you would like to follow me on my little day to day comments, just click on the picture below or on the picture in the sidebar at any time.


Rachel @ Surviving The Stores said...

I saw that article in the Times and I was actually pretty upset that he didn't mention that you blogged at Money Saving Methods... just that you have a "bargain-hunting blog" or something like that. I guess I can go back to not disliking reporters now. :)

OnlyOnSale said...

hey! i'm on my final step for my first online offer program.. from superbrewards. do you have any ideas of high profit other ones that are legit and current? Also, could you maybe give me some information or do a post on things to consider when doing a second offer (like rules for repeating offers like blockbuster, etc etc).

Thanks so much!!

Carrie @ said...


I know...I was so sad. It would have brought me some extra traffic, maybe. Oh, well.

He did know my blog...are you the one who referred me? Just wondering how he got my name to begin with....because he said he had read my site.

If so...thanks. I never thought to ask him how he found me either. I guess I am not very good at the marketing aspect of blogging.

I'll learn.

Carrie @ said...

I would advise doing the I-Deal $500 offers. They are high profit...if not higher than Nuitech sites.

And, you can do two $500 offers at once...making it $1,000.

I plan to do a post for my Methods Madness series on Online Offers, so I will definitely give some advice on the 2nd time around.

I can't go to in depth on offers by name, as that is a no no, but I can give general guidelines.

Let me know when your $$ comes.

Jenny said...

How cool that you got to meet other bloggers, sounds like fun!

Also, congrats on being in the paper.

Rachel @ Surviving The Stores said...

He found Surviving The Stores as well, so I'm not sure if he found my site off your site or your site off my site... or if he found both of our sites from just searching online. (My guess would be that he found Surviving The Stores from your site). I didn't make the final cut (I was WAY nervous and talked much too fast), but I looked at the article to see if I did. I got excited to see your name in there, but then realized that he didn't link to or mention Money Saving Methods.

The whole experience taught me a good lesson though... not to get stressed out if contacted by a reporter!

Carrie @ said...

Who knows then. I did mention your by name in the interview. As he asked for other sites I liked. I brought up Mommy Snacks and then we talked about your site, and I explained you had told me about the Dodge deal, etc.

But, who knows if he talked to you first or me.

Oh, well...guess it doesn't matter how he found us...but he did.

I was the same way...quite nervous.

Maybe you and I should do some mock interviews together...practice, so we don't seem so lame next time.

Oh, well, we will learn! We are new to the world of interviews,still, right!

We both need to remember...ask them to mention our site!!! dumb, dumb, dumb on my part! I could still kick myself.

Marianne Thomas said...

Carrie, congrats on the quote!

And it was a lot of fun, Saturday night! You girls will have a BLAST at BlissDom! I want a full report -- heck, I'll probably tweet from home the whole time!

Love the bank offers you've listed...on my to-do list...


Carrie @ said...


Wish you were going too! It would be so fun! Next are in, right?

Andrea @ Mommy said...

Carrie - I'm sooo excited for you! Money Saving Methods needs to be in a lot more papers to share all the ways to save and earn lots of money! I, of course, mention you all the time in the classes (last night you got a lot of air time b/c I told all of them to come see your Madness series now).

So happy for you and am ECSTATIC about Blissdom!!!