Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rewards Network - Get $$ Back to Eat Out!

Have you ever just wanted to get an instant rebate on a dinner out without even a 2nd thought? OK...maybe you have never even thought it possible before, but it is! And, who wouldn't want to take advantage, right?

Currently, there are two great programs that offer this capability and I am pleased that Rewards Network is now free to join.

Click here to register with them. You simply link your credit cards to your account and everytime you use it to pay at a participating restaurant, they will REFUND you up to 10% back on your credit card statement. You do NOTHING but originally register.

In fact, they are offering an incentive right now for first time users. You will get 15-20% on your first dine thru the end of January! Bonus!

I was excited when I looked thru the list of restaurants for my area to see one that I am going to in January with some of the other "blogging" mothers of Cincinnati!! So, I will get to take advantage of that bonus before the promotion is over!

In fact, since it just comes back as a percentage of your total on your credit card, this should be able to be combined with Kids Eat Free AND any other coupons you have in hand for your establishment. What a great savings!

In addition to Rewards Network, you want to also make sure you are registered with Upromise Dining, also powered by Rewards Network ( imagine that ). Click here to register and use promo code 5Tylenol for a $5 sign on bonus. There have been some reports that this code is no longer working. If not, use 3Glass for a $3 bonus.

Also, make sure to register your shopping cards ( CVS, Grocery ) and credit cards immediately to begin earning money.

If you are not a member of Upromise yet, you definitely want to be. You simply set up a free account, register your shopping cards, credit cards, etc, and begin earning money back on Groceries, Drugstores, Electronic Coupons, Surveys, Shopping Online, Eating at Restaurants, etc.

In fact, click here to read my post recently on getting your free sign on bonus, free $5 for a auto quote ( took no time at all ), etc.

Now that I am registered with both programs ( with the same credit card ) I wonder if they will stack, considering they both sponsor the same restaurants. I guess I will know in Janaury when I go out with the girls...and I will update you all then. :-) I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I don't see why it won't.

I hope you enjoy both of these new programs and the "money back" you will receive from visting your favorite restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Just read this on the upromise site.
This is copied from the FAQs:

Can I receive Upromise Dining Program contributions as well as other dining program rewards from Rewards Network?
No, to be eligible for contributions from Upromise dining restaurants, your credit card cannot be registered with any other dining program administered by Rewards Network. If your card is already registered in another dining program and you would like it activated for use in the Upromise Dining Program, please call Upromise Customer Care. Approximately two business days after your credit card has been removed from the other program, you can use it in the Upromise Dining Program to start receiving contributions

Looks like we can't stack them :(

Carrie @ said...

Thanks for the update...I didn't see that.

Now, I need to figure out which one pays higher.

With that first time bonus, Rewards Network...but after that...I guess it depends on the restuarant.

Anonymous said...

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